Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PCB, why?

Recently there were announcements on PCB of income tax. I calculated my PCB, using the new table (http://www.hasil.gov.my/melayu/pdf/JADUAL%20PCB%202009%20UTK%20LAMAN%20WEB.pdf), my PCB increased by more than 50%. With the recent pay cut and this increase of PCB, definitely this mean something to our saving and cash flow.

Just some personal feeling. In this economy situation, our beloved government recently announced on reduced monthly empoyee EPF contribution, to stimulate more cash into the market. But now the PCB announcement reduce the amount of cash reach our hand, so it really confused me, what is our beloved government is doing? It is really 自相矛盾. As a responsible citizen and tax payer, I really feel very disappointed on this PCB announcement.

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