Friday, January 21, 2011


Happy Chinese New Year ahead :)
有兔三穴(意指有很多房屋,不是狡兔三穴 :p)

Monday, January 17, 2011


有人说,妈妈煮的菜肴是天底下最美味的食物。那是我们熟悉的味道,让我们有安全感的味道。在妈妈爱的锅下,每一位妈妈都是自己家庭的御厨。啊,忘了,有例外,有时候,丈夫都会在妻子面前说自己的妻子才是家庭的御厨 :p

有时候,和朋友用餐的地点,并不是因为该餐厅的食物特别美味,有时候反而是怀缅一起相聚快乐的时光。是那一些真挚的感情,比柴米油盐酱醋茶的调味更加让人垂涎三尺。所以有一些餐厅的食物并不怎么样,装横舒服自在,还是有不少的客人。(在槟城除外 :p)

嗯,只要有我在,就有正能量。除非我饿了,累了,爱睡了 :p

晚安。我爱睡了 :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

See you later!

There are too many things to do, and there is 24 hours a day.

Since end of 2009, I've chosen to sleep by 10.30pm or by latest 11pm. From time to time, there will be different things to deal with e.g. family & friends, work, house, car and etc. Thus is really running out of time for internet/blogging.

More on australia melbourne trip probably after Chinese New Year. Hope I can post some before that if I can finish my current task sooner. See you later :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 3 Story 6) Still is Great Ocean Road

A bit further down from Twelve Apostles will be Loch Ard Gorge. There are few walking trails which may take 2-3 hours to complete all. We chosen one light walking trail, I cannot remember at Loch Ard Gorge or London Bridge, around half an hour. There are few information board at parking, for the history and information on Twelve Apostles Marine National Park.

Steps to beach.

Then, the London Bridge or London Arch. Click on the link to learn more on why it fall down :) Of course, if you are there, there is information board explaining the reason with illustration.

If you asked me if it is worth to visit Great Ocean, if you have been driving along 1st Highway and Bodega Bay in US, initially I would think it is almost the same but I think it is different and not comparable. Yes they both have nice ocean view. Great Ocean has the apostles. I believe if you have time to explore, there will be chances to see more wild life in Great Ocean Road, e.g. koala.

The sunset.

It's time to depart to Warrnambool. You may follow the road signboard or GPS direction. The end of Great Ocean story.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 3 Story 5) Twelve Apostles

When we saw the road sign to Otway National Park light house, our GPS show it is around 35 min drive. We are running out of time, so just have to skip it. If you really want to know Great Ocean deeper, plan for 2 days trip :)

Before reached the Twelve Apostles lookout point, there is one view point. Look, the rain is coming.

The Twelve Apostles lookout point, with restroom facility.

It was rainy at our right, but sunny at our left.

Since it was raining, and windy, better wear yourself sweater. I saw some visitor wear very light (some young lady even wear just short pant and sandal) and their legs are shivering.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 3 Story 4) On the way of Great Ocean Road

Today, mostly picture to share some scenery we saw while driving at Great Ocean Road :)

Look at the cloud. Looks low and thick. However, still quite a few people surfing. It maybe is the starting of surfing season. The wave is getting higher.

Saw a few surfing car rental along the road. If a car is parked at the roadside but no one is there, probably he is enjoying surfing :) Less cloud now, and blue ocean.

If you are driving slower than the car behind you, you may use the turnout as in picture above, to allow vehicle behind to take over safely.

Almost no cloud now :)

Watch out for kangaroo or wild life crossing road. A moving kangaroo will hit your car badly. Oh yes, the driving speed limit is 100km/h most of the time, unless specified :)

Besides beach and sea, there are fields and valleys too.

Sheep thinking "Oh, look at who is taking picture?"

It started to rain. A small nice garden at Laver's Hill.

Guess what is in the picture below? Ant? What?

It's the cow, walking home in a queue :) Go go go, it's raining.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 3 Story 3) Anglesea

From some web comment, Anglesea is a nice town to stop by. We saw something like a flea market, then we went to know more. It is at the open space next to the bowling center, opposite the row of shop. There are stalls selling hotdog, raising fund for local community society, clothes, organic food, CD, books, accessories and etc.

Then we walk to the shop in the opposite, it's about lunch time.

You may find few restaurant here, selling fish and chips, western food, chicken, chinese restaurant and etc. We bought a whole chicken at AUD 11.50 and picnic at the park.

Nuggets and Dim Sim. Dim Sim is a meat dumpling, in usually two sizes, small or big, I usually see it in deep fried. To me, it is not special for a Malaysian Chinese who ate dumpling, 锅贴, gyo za or similar :) Anyway, I am always interested to try local food :D

Water cooler next to the garbage bin. Don't worry, it is clean :)