Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Many years ago, I cannot remember the actual year, Malaysia government decided to privatize some agent/body, e.g. water and electricity. As a consumer, I can see slight improvement, but in general, the service is still bad, and the system is still old and not flexible.

Just one thing that is really efficient I can see, when they want to get your money and charged your bill and penalty payment in a very timely manner, never missed.

Another 10 years to Wawasan 2020, do you think it is achiveable? With some policy i.e. NEx has been extended for so many years, and Plus highway contract extended for few times, very likely there Wawasan 2020 due date will be extended where the world leave this country behind, on this globalization platform. I hope not.

* Just some thoughts, no offense *

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Do you goojie?

Well, almost everyone know google, but do you know goojie? *chuckle* Saw this from a friend buzz It is a very creative name. 谷歌(哥) then 谷姐。
Hope goojie search result is not filtered :p

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daorae BBQ Restaurant, Bayan Point, Penang

There were few people commenting Daorae restaurant food is quite nice. On one fine Sunday afternoon, I finally went there. We ordered two sets of BBQ ( for BBQ order it has to be minimum two sets), one Hanbang Samkyup-Sal (slices of belly pork marinated in korean ginseng and herba) 韩式药材五花肉 @ RM 30, one Yang-nyum O-jing-er Goo-e (Fresh squid in hot chilli sauce) 调味烤鱿鱼 @ RM 27.

Let's look at how was it prepared.

First, the waiter will put charcoal into the BBQ stove.

After a while, they put the pork on the hot grill pan, together with the onion.

The waiter will come and check the meat, and rotate the meat accordingly. Halfway, they cut the meat into smaller pieces. Oh I changed the camera white balance, so the picture may looks a bit different ;)

Finally served.

They changed the grill pan, for the squid.

About to cook.

Ready to be served.

The cooked oil, garlic and special sauce to be serve with the BBQ food.

The waiter show us how to eat it. First put a slice of lettuce at the bottom. Put a thin slice of marinated radish. Dip the pork into the oil they provided, put on top of the radish. Dip the thin slice of garlic with some special sauce, put on top on the pork. Finally add some fried spring onion leave on top, and lastly EAT :D

I feel the pork is quite nice, although I cannot taste the herbal taste :p But there is no one kind of typical pork bad taste. The squid I feel is just normal :)

More food we took to come in coming post :) when I have sometime later to continue writing :D

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Visual Studio 2010 is slower than Visual Studio 2008?

If you need to use Visual Studio, have you tried Visual Studio 2010?
I just got the Ultimate version installed and browsing through.

On first sight, the darker background color make it looks 'smaller'. For example, words like Solution Explorer. I compared it with Visual Studio 2008, the font size are actually the same. It looks smaller due to the dark color. Well, illusion...

I created a simple Windows application project, add a button and do some simple operation. Well, I felt Visual Studio 2010 run slower than Visual Studio 2008. It took slightly longer time in creating a project, building the project and also run the project. The intellisense seems to be slightly different and a little slower too. From google results, seems like I am not alone. Anyway, let's see how it goes when I get a chance to use it more later. I am comparing Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate with Visual Studio 2008 Team System. I am not sure if this is an apple-to-apple comparison, but I assume those are compatible version, just named differently.

This is Visual Studio 2010 start up page. Enjoy coding :)

[Jul 15 comment] It load slightly faster now after I changed the Start up options to Show empty environment.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Funny version of Qian Li Zhi Wai song 千里之外 - 搞笑版

This song is originally sing by Jay Chou and Fei YuQing, as below:

Someone has a funny version of it :)
The sequence of artist she is trying to mimic: 孙燕姿,莫文蔚,SHE,李文,王菲,李宇春,许如云刘德华,张学友,费玉清,王杰,张宇,宋祖英,张惠妹

I feel the female singer voice part are quite alike :)