Saturday, May 18, 2013

怡保鸿星楼点心 Hong Xing Dim Sum, Ipoh

Beside Foh San and 明阁, there are quite a number of dim sum restaurant in Ipoh. If you are near Bercham or Plus North South highway exit near Bercham, you may try this out. They serve Shang Hai dumpling 上海小笼包 too which I think is quite nice. Look at the 'big pao' 大包 at the bottom, YL said there is traditional taste in there with an ingredient in there, which I forgot is which :p Check it out yourself.

鸿星楼点心有限公司 Hong Xing Dim Sum Sdn Bhd
o 35&37, Bercham Bistari 3, Medan Bercham Bistari, 31400 Ipoh, Perak.
Tel: 012-4630141

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Penang Asam Laksa Paste from

Nope, I am not a chef to review food. I am just sharing a laksa paste. SP, remembered we bought this when visited the Rumah Peranakan?

This paste is designed for stir fried or anything not soup.

I used it to fry rice vermicelli a.k.a. beehun locally. It turns out to be quite nice I think. However, it is less tasty if you made it soup, I feel. The good thing is I think it really is natural without MSG.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Green Island Western Food, One Square

Looking for western food near Bayan Baru area? Here's a new restaurant at One Square.

If you been to James Foo & family western food before, this is similar I feel. Which one is nicer? Hmm, I don't know, taste is very subjective. I tried different item at these restaurant, so I can't do apple-apple comparison. In general, I felt is okay.

Mushroom soup RM 2.50. (Look at the spoon, west meet east haha :p)
Chicken Maryland RM 10.80
Grilled Fish with Teriyaki Sauce RM 9.80
Warm water RM 1
No service charge nor government tax.

At this price, please do not expect porcelain plate/bowl.

For directions to Green Island Western Food restaurant, refer to my previous blog post. It is at one of the few shop rows.

Green Island Western Food Restaurant
Address: 2-1-08, Tingkat Mahsuri 4, 11950 Bayan Baru, Penang.
Phone: 018-622 6863
FB page:

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Natural Leisure, One Square

Looking for new restaurant in Penang? There are a few in One Square. I am going to share Natural Leisure today. The ground floor is restaurant, where 1st and 2nd floor are event hall.

We think the food is pretty 'natural' where there is less (or maybe no) MSG. The white rice is surprisingly nice too. Ah, if you like JJ swiss roll, you may get it here too. According to the staff, there will be new stock on every Thu, usually sold out on Friday. They have swiss roll from other supplier too, if you are not desperate to get only JJ's.

Serving is for 4 head.
The squid curry at RM 21.90,
spring roll RM 7.90,
bean curd vegetable RM 4.80,
stir fried mushroom kale RM 8.90,
white rice RM 1.50 each,
Alkaline water RM 1.50 each.
+ 2 TauHua (no picture) RM 4.90 each.
Service charge @ 10%
Total for the meal was RM 70.20.

Watch out before you sit, some of the dining table may have the right highlighted corner that could hurt your leg.

Where is One Square? It is the newly built housing+commercial area opposite of Sunshine Bayan Baru or D' Piazza. Here's the direction in brief. 
1. If you are driving to PISA where Sunshine and D' Piazza are on your left, One Square is on your right.
2. If you are coming from Sunway Tunas, at the PISA traffic light, turn right and you will see it on your left.

Here's the contact.
Natural Leisure
2-1-25, 2-2-25 & 2-3-25
Tingkat Mahsuri One Square,
11950 Bayan Baru,
Tel: 04-6412695
GPS Location : N05° 19.718’  E100°  17.059’ (as from their website)

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Book of Understanding: Creating Your Own Path to Freedom

Some people said Osho is 'dangerous'. Well while reading the book The Book of Understanding: Creating Your Own Path to Freedom , I felt it too. Well, I found some of the points are quite interesting and had good laugh. Be open, think and explore. Thanks CL for the sharing.

Book cover image taken from

Saturday, May 4, 2013

This is a bit over

I know election is coming. But isn't this a bit over? Imagine if you are tourist, what will you think about Malaysia political party?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Bad design - Sign language in tv news

If you visited before, this post is similar.

If you watch TV1 news before (by intention or accidentally selected wrong channel), there is a live sign language translation at the bottom right. Many years ago, it used to be quite big, so it was 'see-able' by the deaf I think. Last month, on impulse I tuned to TV1's news and here's a screenshot.

Look at the bottom right corner, that is the space for live sign language. OMG, such a tiny little space, I can barely read what is being shown, can you? Are we expecting the deaf to have 52" TV or cinema screen at home to watch TV news?
* My blog is flooded with unintended comments (Thanks YY for informing me), so I'd disallow comment.