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Longest trail of Penang

On 24 May 2008, we started our 8 hours hike on 7.30a.m. from Chin Farm. The entrance is opposite of City Bayview Hotel Teluk Bahang, which is the same with that of Nan Tien Men (南天门) waterfall.

After staying few years in Penang, I finally know how is Nan Tien Men waterfall

When we reached the waterfall, we took the left path of the waterfall and kept walking.

When we reached a small rock slope, go down, crossed the stream and continued our journey.

With Forest Beng’s direction, we kept walking, crossed another small stream and finally found the hiking route entrance after that.

After we found the entrance, the direction thereafter is pretty straight forward, as there is only one path to follow.Along the route, there are few signs telling us that we were on the right track.

After a while, we saw the first station signboard, which is Station 10.

We need to climb few hills before we reach Penang Hill. One of the highest is Laksamana Hill. During the journey, there were few jokes and one of it is about Laksamana. In Malay, Laksa is a type of local dish, and ‘mana’ means ‘where’. We were imagined if there will stall sell Laksa half the journey, then we can make a short break for yummy Laksa. If that happened, it will be Laksasini from Laksamana. Get it? ;)

Forest Beng motivated us using the Penang Hill ais kacang and it kept us walking, really. We went up and down hills few times. The trail is very natural, with no renovation, equipped with some rope at the steep route to aid hikers, and 6 rain gauges (if not mistaken) before we reach Station 1.

Around 11.30a.m. we reached the small tower where we break for lunch. The view from this tower is very nice. A great sea view, Teluk Bahang dam and green forest relaxed our tiring hike a lot.

After charged-up, we continued our journey. Of course, few other going up and down trails. After around 2 hours, we reached a small stream. Crossed the stream, went up and we finally reach Station 1 :)

At the junction, continue the hike by going right of the tar road. We passed by Canopy Walk, few bungalows, resting hut then finally we reached Penang Hill hawker center. It’s 4pm! Finally, we enjoyed ourselves with the ais kacang and nasi lemak :) We made it!

Before end, some tips to visit this trail:

- Bring salt, some first-aid stuff.
- Wear long breathable pant
- Bring enough water, roughly 2 liters.
- Bring food, as the hike is long, easily 6 – 8 hours, as your office hour :)
- Bring hand glove, to hold the rope.
- Wear non-slippery hiking/sport shoe.
- When crossing stream, if need to step/walk on rock, take off your shoe, to prevent from falling down.
- Bring additional pair of shoe, especially during raining season where the river level is high and very likely your shoe/sock will get wet with your shoe on while crossing the stream.
- If you think hiking pole helps, bring one. I was so thankful it was raining in the morning that I brought my umbrella and used it as a hiking pole. During one of the 30 minutes non-stop climb up, I used the umbrella to save my energy to climb up.
- Be spiritually strong to complete the journey :) Determination is very important for this endurance hike. There is no way back, 勇往直前!

One of the blog posted by Shirley http://www.mywisewife.com/penang-longest-trail-mapping-from-chin-farm-via-laksamana-hill-to-penang-hill.html

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