Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Kindle or iPad or Tab or B&N Nook?

Hmm, it is 11pm and I have not go to bed. Just would like to write this before I forgot. If not this will never be written if I do not do it today. Arghh, still pending on the writings of Koh Lipe and Europe sharing.

Back to the topic. The consumer tablet market has been getting more and more competitive. I personally feel it is good, more choices. If you love to read, shall you buy an ebook reader or a table? If you google "kindle vs ipad", there are a lot of opinions on the web.

In short,
buy Kindle or B&N Nook IF:

  1. you are a serious text-based book reader 
  2. you are looking for device mobility where it is light and small to carry around 
  3. looking for e-INK technologies device. There are claims this technology is less harmful to eye. Well, when I google about that, there are actually some opinion saying backlight and e-ink make no difference. However, I personally felt e-ink is more comfortable for longer reading period. 
  4. don't mind the book is in black and white (text-based book is usually black and white anyway)
buy ipad or tab IF:
  1. beside reading, you hope to do something else, e.g. movie, game and surfing.
  2. beside text-based book, you hope to read magazine and newsletter with color as well.
  3. don't really bother about the size and weight. Nah, you won't take the device out, you usually use it only at home.
  4. you just like the user experience of the finger work when using ipad or tab. (That is the coolest thing in my younger colleagues world)
  5. it's trend to use tablet, why bother the black and white reader?
I have chosen an eBook reader - Kindle Touch. 

A side story. When I travel MAS from KL to Penang, I accidentally left my Kindle in the front pocket. I am so happy that MAS worker reported it to Lost and Found department and I got back my unit after visit their office by bringing along my boarding pass and IC. Thumb up to MAS! Just wonder if it was Air Asia, will it be the same? 
Lesson learnt. Always check the front pocket before leave the seat.千金难买一回头

Tuesday, May 8, 2012


在春娇与志明的片尾,记得别急着离场 :) 啊,还有,蛮好的一把声音。

Monday, May 7, 2012


翻开旧相片,看到十年前父母的照片。哦,天,在这十年里他们苍老了许多。时常回家乡看到他们,在循序的情况下,是觉得他们头发日渐发白,可是那些震撼力远不及和他们多年前的照片相比。才从家乡回到工作的地方,但是我竟然就想念他们了。或许是旧照片的余震未了,让心里的涟漪在离开他们以后自己独处之时才开始扩大泛开。 有很多生活习惯是我们潜意识中不知不觉做了出来。我母亲有她的特制辣椒酱。在家乡时,我都少吃。但是在槟城时,只要是在家自己备餐,我都自动沾点一些母亲辣椒酱。或许在我潜意识里,母亲的辣椒酱,就好象父母陪在我身边一样,陪我吃完每一餐爱心餐。(感恩GL强烈介绍我上了静坐课程,否则今时今日我都还未发觉隐藏在自己心里的感受)。离别聚散,在工作生活下选择甚少。但是我学会了珍惜。在家陪他们观看经典名句歌唱大赛、一起观看电视剧、羽球赛,家话闲聊,都比上网来得有意义。为他们洗碗烧菜,洗衣晾衣,我相信也都比任何一份用金钱买回来的礼物更珍贵。 亲爱的读者,希望你也学会珍惜。 只要有爱,天天都是双亲节。双亲节快乐。