Sunday, January 31, 2010

Air plants

Guess what are these?

Yes, as the title said, these are two different type of air plants I recently bought. The first one at RM 15 (including RM 2 for the shell), the second at RM 33. For the latter, it has around 5 small plants, which I can then tug individually to other location :D

Visit these site for more details:


The nice flower. It has been blooming for more than 2 weeks :D

If not mistaken, it is called Tillandsia. The 'pup' is coming out at the center below :D

I am waiting for the second plant to bloom, hopefully can get something like this ;)

(Taken from

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Welcome to Toast Master

If you ever think speaking skills is a nature talent, I guess a lot of successful people will tell you, It is not a gift but effort. Yes, I believe anyone can speak, can speak well if they put in effort to learn and improve themselves, as if anyone can walk, can dance :D

There are many ways to learn public speaking skills, read book, join public speaking class/training, e.g. Toast Master.

Upon singing up, you will receive a welcome kit. For my case, the kit is sent from US to Malaysia, took around two weeks upon signed up. If not mistaken, the sign up fee is around RM 80. (Forgive this forgetful lady who can't remember well ;) ) Then you have to pay club fee which vary depending on which club you joined.

There are few booklet inside to guide you on how to get started, including some skills sharing.

I joined a Mandarin club, thus some booklet is in Mandarin.

Let's speak.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Bring happiness home 帶快樂回家

Get this forwarded email, found it interesting :)

I visit a friend at his house. On the main entrance, there is a little board saying "Before entering, take off the worries, bring happiness home"

After I got into the house, the family members there really were happy. The environment is so peace and warm. I asked about the board. The hostess told me the story. On one day when she went home, she saw her tiring and anxious face in the lift mirror. She was shocked. She asked herself what will be her husband and children reaction if they ever see this face. She also asked herself how would she react if she see similar face of others. Then she thought about the children and husband silence during dinner...On the next day, she make the board and hang it on the door to remind herself.

Apparently, the board remind not only her but the whole family. Ever since then, the family relationship has improved and more happy.

What a cute lady.

There is always just a tiny cross line between good vs bad, lucky vs unlucky, happy vs worry. It is all about the thought, if we change our mind, the world will be different.

If we change our mindset, the altitude will changed, then the habit will changed, lastly our life will be changed.

到一個朋友家去做客,出了電梯, 見門口赫然掛了一塊小木牌, 上書:「進門前,請脫去煩惱;回家時,帶快樂回來。」 進屋後,果見男女主人一團和氣,兩個孩子大方有禮,溫馨、和諧充盈著整個屋子。 我自然詢問起那塊木牌,女主人笑著望向男主人:「你說。」 男主人則溫柔地瞅向女主人:「還是你說,因為這是你的創意。」

最終,女主人輕緩地說開了:「有一回我回家,在電梯的鏡子, 看到一張睏倦、 灰暗的臉,一雙緊擰的眉毛,煩惱的眼睛…… 把我自己嚇了一大跳。 於是,我想, 當孩子、丈夫面對這樣愁苦陰沈的面孔時,會有什麼感覺?



天下的好與壞, 幸與不幸,快樂與痛苦,常常是一體的兩面。
改命改運不如改個性,個性一改 ~ 福氣自然來。

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cannot drink lemon with honey?

I think it is quite common to drink lemon with honey together. It is a good recipe for sore throat.

I am surprised to learn from 吴永志:不一样的自然养生法实践100问 page 89 that it is recommended not to drink lemon juice with honey for health purpose.

After digested, lemon will became alkaline in our body. But if we add honey, the sugar substance inside honey will turn lemon acidic, even though very little amount of honey. But if you have sore throat, drink honey lemon will help improve the condition. 250cc lemon juice with 25cc honey.

Honey lemon has been my favorite juice beside plain water when dine out, guess just honey or just lemon next time.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Some thoughts from BWF Malaysia Open Super Series 2010

1) If you did watch the men single final tournament of BWF Malaysia Open Super Series 2010, I guess you should have probably watch the scene Dato Lee Chong Wei happy face, and pointing to Malaysia flag logo on his T-shirt. If you notice, during the match, there were a lot of Malaysian, (regardless of race) cheering, swinging flag and gave supports. This is where I see 1Malaysia spirit. A lot of things works well, until became 'politic-ized".

2) When I was young (sounds like the song Yesterday once more? :p ) Let me rephrase, when I was in secondary, I can watch badminton tournament via TV1, TV2 and TV3 at home, FOC. Today, the TV channel reception has been so poor that we must install Astro to be able to watch even local TV channels. Malaysia want to step towards 2020, but why are these services and some policy is moving backwards? Hopefully 明天会更好。

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mommy Wang 王妈妈 near Queensbay, Penang

If you had tried Mommy Wang near Sunshine last time, it had moved to shop lot outside Queensbay Mall, same row with Maxim. The restaurant menu is different too.

There is set menu for lunch, price from RM 5.90 onwards.

I'd been there few times, unfortunately sometimes I forgot to capture photo of the food but only two.

Ginseng chicken soup + rice + vegetable 人参须鸡腿酥汤 + 白饭 + 青菜, RM 6.80

Yao Cai (MK: Chinese herbal) chicken soup + rice + vegetable 药材鸡腿酥汤 + 白饭 + 青菜, RM 6.80

The 卤汁 added some taste to the white rice.

We also tried the Lion Head Noodle 狮子头面 RM 5.90 which is not a favor of SP, she said the Lion Head is a bit oily. The Spicy Pork Ribs Claypot Rice 辛辣排骨砂煲饭 RM 7.50,Drunken Chicken Claypot Rice 醉鸡砂煲饭 RM 7.50,Three Cup Chicken Claypot Rice 三杯鸡砂煲饭 RM 7.50 are quite nice. There are different comments on the squid rice 花枝饭。The Crispy Fried Chicken Rice 香鸡排饭 RM 5.90, Spicy Dry Noodle 麻辣干面 RM 5.90, Minced Pork Rice 宜兰肉燥饭 RM 5.90, Fried Bean Sauce Noodle 炸酱面 RM 5.90 are okay.

Another favorite dish is sweet potato with plum 招牌甘梅地瓜 RM 4.

The dish portion is quite huge (especially compared to those restaurant at D' Piazza :p), just one side dish of sweet potato is usually more than enough for us.

They do provide free delivery service for order above RM 25, for limited area. If you park your car inside, you are entitled to get rebate for first hour.

Address: Mommy Wang Premium
35G, Persiaran Bayan Indah, Sungai Nibong, 11900 Bayan Lepas.
Tel: 04-6421339. 012-4833436
Opening hour: Open everyday 11am - 9pm. On weekday, close from 3-5.30pm.

There is one at Georgetown which I have not been there before:
Address: Mommy Wang,
211A-G, Lebuh Carnarvon, 10100 Georgetown, Penang
Tel: 04-2613339

Monday, January 25, 2010

Some Georgetown Penang photo

After our buffet lunch, since colleague is driving, I take this opportunity to capture some Georgetown city view.

The Traders Hotel.

Komtar. The sky is nice I feel ;)

Prangin Mall is 'cracking' :p

On the way to Jelutong Expressway from Komtar.

The View Condominium from Coastal Highway. Nice sky.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


A forwarded joke from email :p


A man came home from work and his children ran to him and called out ‘Ayah! Ayah!’.
His neighbor got very upset and said to him, “Can you please tell your children not to call you ‘Ayah’?” The man asked, “Why?”

The neighbor retorted, “Because my children call me ’Ayah’ too. They might get confused and mistake you to be their father.”

Then the man told his neighbour, are you not ashamed to say that your children do not know who is their 'Ayah'.So you are saying by using the word 'Ayah' ,your children will call me ayah too without knowing who their father is.

The neighbour said yes,only I should use the word 'Ayah'.

The man said, then there is something wrong in what you are teaching your children.They are not sure and do not know who is their 'Ayah'.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Penang Coastal Highway and Jelutong Highway

Penangite, this will looks very familiar for you :D I just wish to capture more about Penang while I am still here ;)

After E&O buffet lunch, I use the opportunity as a passenger to capture some shot of Jelutong Expressway and Coastal Highway (Leburaya Bayan Lepas or Bayan Lepas Expressway)


2. We can see Penang Bridge from Coastal Highway. In the map, A & C is respectively Tesco and E-Gate.

3. IJM development project, The LIGHT Waterfront. The in-progress of land reclamation. Some is covered up from the roadside. I am not so into reclaimed land. But it is not at price that I can afford though.

4. Sometimes you can see aeroplane in the sky :)

5. Follow the sign-board.

6. The newly open Eastin Hotel.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Kuta Bali Hawker Center 古老巴厘, Paya Terubong, Penang

My colleague told me Chameleon 变色龙 hawker center is now changed to Kuta Bali.

You may sit at the hut next at the side.

The hawker center is all around the whole hawker center, walk a round before make my decision on the food :D

Finally ordered sizzling noodle 铁板伊面. RM 3.50 if no egg. When I am almost done, found a gua zi in the noodle. Hmm, why is there a gua zi in there?

SP ordered Thai style fried kuey teow 泰式炒粿条 RM 5. She felt this is not so nice, the koay teow is not soft.

Vietnamese rice paper roll 越南米纸春卷RM 3, the sauce is localized. The vegetables inside the roll is quite fresh.

PP ordered Char Hor Fun 炒河粉, still oka

The fried oyster 'Or Jian' 耗煎'. Not too many 生粉 ,still okay.

There is a parking next to the hawker center, can try get parking there before park at the roadside.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

How to embed a youtube vidoe into blogspot post

  1. Go to the youtube video site of interest for example Locate the embed code box, it is usually on the right hand side on the page. Copy the embed code (highlight the code, right click select Copy. Or, highlight the code, press Ctrl + C). For some copyrighted material, you will see the embed code textbox is empty but a notification e.g. The embed options has been disabled by request from the manufacturer.

  2. In blogpost editor, click on Edit Html

  3. Paste the embed code at anywhere you would like it to appear. In this example, I paste it on top of the page.

  4. To verify the youtube vidoe is embedded, click on the Preview button to view it. Then click Hide preview to go back to edit mode.

Enjoy :D

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

UMHB: Chapter 2 - Human body hardware construction

Please refer to Disclaimer for some information.

If you are waiting for this, my apology, just busy :)

Please click here to refresh some of the terms.

I hope you can still recall human body consists of hardware, software and network systems. Let's discuss more on hardware structure of human body.

All 11 Zang organs 脏 has a correspond network, including XinBao Jing. XinBao 心包 is between heart and the heart outer protecting layer, its correspond meridian is XinBao Jing. Adding in the Ren Mai 任脉 at front of human body, and Du Mai 督脉 at the back of body, there are in total 14 MCS (Meridian and Collaterals System) 经络.

Each Zang is then correspond to a Fu 腑, lung with colon, heart with intestine, liver with gallbladder, spleen with stomach, kidney with bladder, SanJiao 三焦 with XinBao.

These relationship seems illogical if we have no TCM knowledge. In TCM, Cold Qi 寒气 can goes into DaChang (Colon) Jing 大肠经, while from western medication, coldness is caused by lung, which is in respiratory system, should not have any relationship with digestive system of DaChang (Colon) Jing. In anatomy, these two organs are totally irrelevant. From MCS, we will find DaChang Jing and Fei (Lung) Jing 肺经 are closely related.

Beside these correspond relationship, there is also Interactively Produce and Restrain 相生相克 relationship. In TCM, it was categorize using Five Elements 五行. heart is Fire element, liver is Wood, spleen is Earth, lung is Metal, kidney is Water. [MK: Found this website] The Five Element relationship need to be at a balance point. If either Zang organ is too strong/weak, the balance point is broken. For example, the symptoms caused by Heart Fire Excessive 心火太旺, could be hot weather in summer; or insufficient of kidney Qi 肾气不足 in winter, where the Water cannot withstand the Fire element; or liver Qi 肝气 increased during spring, Wood produce Fire. These relationship and condition is very complicated. A good TCM practitioner will take few years or maybe few tenth years to govern it. If one govern it, he will be able to diagnose a disease quickly and thus the cure will be fast.

Let's take another example. For a common numb/pain of lateral of leg, western medication will usually say this is caused by spur. Well, if we look into it deeper, the pain/numb is located at Dan (bile/gallbladder) Jing 胆经, which is because there is too much Cold Qi inside human body, caused the lung to be Hot. Lung is Metal, gallbladder is Wood, Metal restraining Wood which means lung restraining gallbladder. To cure, just press ChiZe Xue 尺泽穴 for a minute, disclose the lung Hotness, the pain/numb will be gone too. But this is only curing the symptom. To cure the root cause, one should clear the lung Hotness, so that the gallbladder will no longer be impacted, then only the numb/pain will goes away forever.

Although it is hard to govern Five Element theory, but if we change to a healthy living style to increase Blood Qi 血气, human body repair system will work and eventually human body will be healthym, although this will take longer time, and we might need to suffer the pain for longer time. So no worries if you cannot understand Five Elements, we can still learn the correct way of using human body without that.

A lot of unknown root cause pain is probably pain of MCS. When Zang organ doesn't has enough energy, then only caused pain of MCS. If it is not severe, one will not feel it without pressing it. When it is severe, it will be painful without pressing. Thus if there is any pain on MCS, get a chart of MCS, find the location of MCS, and massage it. This will usually relief the painfulness.

Some people get hand/leg sprain easily, which we thought is usually collision or accident , where is not really true. It is usually is the correspond Zang organ is not healthy.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Help Haiti

If you would like to show some helping hand to Haitians, there are a few channels:

Tzu Chi
Red Cross
World Vision, World Vision Malaysia

Monday, January 18, 2010

The Islander Buffet, Trader's Hotel

If you do not know, Shangri-La Hotel at Magazine Road was renamed to Traders Hotel.

Few colleagues got promoted, and great thanks to them for treating us at Traders Hotel The Islander lunch buffet :D

The hotel lobby, and left is the entrance of The Islander.

Clockwise from top left. The salad bar, main course bar, Sushi corner, and the entrance.

The dessert bar and a close up of salad bar. Look at the fresh alfafa *drool*

Some food I took. I feel the porridge with duck soup base is nice. I like the sambal asparagus too, and the stir fried vegetables. Thumbs up to the roasted duck. My colleauge wish to take the roasted duck booth but was stopped by the worker there. They stopped us from taking any photo after few shots above. My colleague like the duck thigh, I think the duck breast meat is nice also ;)

A colleague paid to order a cup of latte RM 12. He said it is very good. If he is going to make latte his own, with the same color of below, he will not be able to taste the coffee because too much milk. But the latte is good that it still have coffee taste, which he like it a bit bitter ;)

Lastly, my favorites tiramisu. Two cups for me :p SN, this is different from the one we had about 5 years ago because this is on the salad bar, no extra charge. I should have check the menu if a cup of tiramisu is still RM 15. This tiramisu is still okay I feel. Although it doesn't has alcohol (since it need to be halal), the biscuit inside is coated with a thin layer of chocolate, which give the bitter taste to the a bit sweet cream. Oh I am not expert in preparing tiramisu, it's IV who told me those :p Maybe I should learn how to do tiramisu ;)

The price is RM 45 per head count. My colleague is using Citibank credit card which is entitled for 25% discount, which is then around RM 33 per person. Oh remember to get the chop for your parking ticket too. We need not to pay any parking fee.

Comparing this lunch buffet with E&O Sarkie's Corner's, hmm, this is cheaper, with less choices. Sarkie's Corner has sashimi, more seafood, raw oyster, scallop, nicer sushi. The Islander has tiramisu, better salad bar, and more economic. I think my comparison will not be fair, you do it by yourself ;) It's up to you what you want and to balance between $ and food.

Address: Magazine Road, 10300 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: (60 4) 262 2622
Fax: (60 4) 262 6526

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Raining picture of Penang, Malaysia

If you are from Malaysia or other tropical country, this is common for you.

For country with four seasons, it is not common to have rain fall suddenly, it is maybe not common to have it over a particular place only :) If you have not experience it, hope picture below can give you some idea.

Picture with clear sky.

In a short while, the rain fall. Can you notice the rain? The mountain is not visible at all ;) This is tropical weather and I like it

Unfortunately due to global warming, the teamperature has rose a few degree. Come on my friends and readers, let's work together to make the earth greener. 'Don't kill our mother' [Avatar]

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Faye Wong new song - You Lan cao 王菲 - 幽兰操










Friday, January 15, 2010

Teeramisu cake house's tiramisu

If you are aware of the kiosk behind Home Cafe at D' Piazza Mall, one of it is in operation, which is Teeramisu cake house.

The shopkeeper offer us few small pieces of cheese cake to try. The cheese cake is a bit chewy. Oh yes, I feel it chewy, try it out if you wish to get what I mean. Well, depends on individual preference, I feel the Tiramisu cake is quite ok, the texture is quite nice, and it has the bitter taste, probably Kahlua?Not sure what the owner is using. (Some tiramisu cake outside just taste sweet, and sweet) Anyway, it is RM 6.50 per slice, RM 6 during 10% promotion period until 28 Feb 2010.

Sorry, PP camera's phone has no macro mode :p

Ground Floor -143B

In the website, it contains location details, contacts and also cake list with image.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

A mandarin riddle

Saw this from newspaper, if you can understand mandarin riddle below :)


Take a guess.

The answer is


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

和记 Georgetown

After climb staircase (it was raining thus we have to cancel Bukit Jambul hiking :( ), we wish to get some food at town. I remembered just read about white curry, so we drove there. I mixed up the road name thus calling KH for help, then only I know the Hot Bowl is not open for dinner *blush*. He recommended us to try 和记, somewhere near the red dot, near Lebuh Campbell Rolex. It is just next to the famous Bak Zhang 粽子 shop, if you heard of it.

Here is the shop outlook, thanks to SP :D

We ordered fish head vermicelli鱼头米粉 for each of us. You have a choice on the vermicelli, thin or thick. We chosen the thick one.

The chili is in oil and soy sauce, a bit different from other shop's.

I was using handphone camera to capture the picture (PP started to think to charge me camera fee :p ) and the picture is not so clear. The vermicelli looks not much, but there were quite a lot of fish meat, around 10 pieces if remember correctly. Since the vermicelli is not much, before we finish the noodle, we ordered another plate of fried Yuan Yang 炒鸳鸯 to share.

After finish the vermicelli, we felt very full, under estimated the amount of fish meat. Anyway, the soup base is very nice, but we felt the vermicelli is not so good, a bit rough. In overall, it is still a thumb up.

Then we were struggling to finish the fried Yuan Yang below.

In fact, the fried Yuan Yang is very nice. Like Cantonese always people say, 够锅气. Oh if you are from Ipoh or KL, Penang fried Yuan Yang is very different from your place :p

2 vermicelli vermicelli and 1 fried Yuan Yang cost RM 17.

Another friend recommend to try the chicken porridge at the opposite shop next time :)