Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Penang Chinese New Year Reunion Celebration 2010

Happy Chap Goh Meh! If you wish to celebrate with the crowd, how about event above with few artist and Penang government? From the link, there will be taiwanese celebrities including the popular rock duo Y2J, Cindy Wu and Genie . In addition, MYFM DJs and local celebrities including Danell Lee, Thomas & Jack, Astro Star Quest’s Alvin, Juztin Lan Kah Fai and Ah Yoke as well as the Astro Battleground Dancers “Katoon Network”. I was there on Feb 27 evening. We reached there around 8pm+. We first went to the Night Bazaar for light dinner, then esplanade hawker center for another round of light dinner :p (I will share more about this in other post).

After that, we head to the field for the concert. Since it was around 10.30pm when we were there, we missed quite a few singer and the dance. At that time, Thomas & Jack were performing. Oh before that, the weather was hot even though it was 10.30pm+. Luckily Digi was distributing free fan. Guang Ming and China press were giving away free newspaper as well.

The stage setup.

The projected screen at both side were not showing any live video for audience further away but this:

The crowd:

Genie 卓文萱 and the DJ. Each performer will give away two mandarin oranges after his/her performance. They signed on it and throw to the audience.

Danell 李吉汉

Y2J 神目与瞳 perform their song 为你而活,草戒指 and not sure the song title with 守护者.

Every performer will go to the audience floor to shake hand with them. Oh Initially the entrance requires RM 12, but then after certain amount of time, since the floor is so empty, the gate was opened to all, and I guess audience with ticket got the chance to be in front on the stage, and got chance to shake hand with the artist.

After all performance, all artist will go up to the stage for group photo.

The photo are a bit blur, that is the best my Canon G3 can do :) Unless I really want to squeeze myself as close to the fence as possible :p

The event ended at 11.30pm. There will be another similar on Feb 28 Sunday. There were little garbage on the floor as below, actually not a lot. Compared to 8TV summer concert I attended few years ago, there is huge improvement. For the latter event, almost the whole field were covered by newspaper and empty water bottle. Hopefully there will be zero garbage soon.

元宵节快乐!Happy Chap Goh Meh!

*Life has been just busy during CNY, hopefully to post more frequent. Stay tune ;)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

CNY advertisement

It was a long CNY vacation for me, enjoyable although tiring. I hope you have had a good one :)

When I saw MCA advertisement on TV, I don't know, I just felt it is a waste of money in this kind of economy situation :p

Saturday, February 13, 2010

马后炮 'ma hao pao'

If you know cantonese, 马后炮 (in cantonese read as 'ma hao pao') means someone said something meaningless after the occasion. For example, you decided to go for a vacation, a friend of you know about it but say nothing. When you return, you mentioned the place is not nice and not worth the trip. Then that friend suddenly say "I know it, that place is not worth to visit, only you will go". That is called 马后炮, not giving advice up front but after it happened.

I have this feeling after I read a post from When the issue is hot, where is that dearest Mister? He hardly comment at that time. When the issue was settle down, only started to say something. No offense but my personal view is that his word is so hollow. Is BN support figure really raise? Who did the survey? Again, no offense, just some logical question to ask, before believe in anything politician say.

Friday, February 12, 2010

The color of the phlegm 痰的颜色

Remember the song The Color Of The Wind? It is a nice song. Did you ever know the color of the phlegm also carry certain meaning to reflect our body health status?

A common Chinese understanding is that it will indicate your body is Cold 寒or Hot 热气. Recently I read a traditional chinese medicine book bought from Beijing, phlegm may not produce in only lung but also other organ of our body, e.g. stomach. The color indicates the origin of the phlegm, then you will know which organ is working or in trouble (I'd lend the book to a friend, I will put more details when I get it back). When I google for more information, there are different explanation by different body.

I am not sure how accurate is the information, I am not a medical practioner nor scientist, be skeptical with the information and see if it sounds logical to you :)

English link:

Chinese link:

How much do you know about Moon? How much do you know about your own body?
How much do you know about people surrounding you? How much do you know about yourself?

We know very less how our body works (I don't think no one in the current world know exactly all. If there is, there will be no cancer. Cancer is a disease which we do not know how to cure effectively yet.) If we don't even know our own body, please don't expect you will know other people mind, and don't expect other people can read your mind all the times ;) By this, there will be less quarrel and life will be happier :D 我不祈求别人100%懂我,因为我自己也不100%懂我自己 :D

Thursday, February 11, 2010

我的钱不是我的 My money is not mine

When the government first announce on the changes of income tax, you might see some amount changes in your payroll. The net pay you get will be different depending on which tax range you are in. Frankly, I cannot understand how the system work until today. Anyhow I have a feeling that my money is no longer mine... Don't quote me wrong, I agree as a resident, it is fair to pay some tax as the government will use it for your good i.e. building infrastructure, getting more working opportunity and etc. Just that it is a matter of the money I paid worth what I get in return... (I guess you all know the answer :p )

I have to write in mandarin for the rest of this blogpost because that feeling get stronger after I read a newspaper posting.


没钱的总会任性 破产的总会用气力
将最好的过去将最多的细碎 锁到属于你的钱包
没钱的不够耐性 没钱的不信是注定
于最黑的世界于最光的刹那 感到属于钱的气味
即使很多血汗钱 能用的通通你的
为着是基本的生活 通通都可不要
但饭始终要吃 屋始终要住
oh baby
当晚与你看着薪水单 今晚偏偏想起银行存摺
我的钱不再受制于我我承认 我的钱也许你的
当晚与你上网交税务 今晚站在大地自己伤心
难道送别钱总是永不回头 谁能怪我总是太感性

失望的都有惰性 失忘的都记住约定
当理想的世界当理想的刹那 因爱无分你的我的



1) 没钱了
2) 很有钱但要更多钱



哦,我不是投诉,只是陈诉一个事实 ;)


伤心的总会任性 灰心的总会用气力
将最好的过去将最多的细碎 锁到属于你的眼睛
失恋的不够耐性 失恋的不信是注定
于最黑的世界于最光的刹那 感到属于你的气息
即使很多一起过的 想起的通通你的
为着是浪漫的爱情 通通都可再见
但承诺可再听 什么可不变色
oh baby
当晚与你记住蒲公英 今晚偏偏想起风的清劲
回忆不再受制于我我承认 回忆也许你的
当晚与你记住流水声 今晚站在大地自己倾听
难道送别你回头总是虔诚 谁能怪我总是太感性

失恋的都有惰性 失恋的都记住约定
当理想的世界当理想的刹那 因爱无分你的我的

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Outlook email read notification

If you are an Microsoft outlook user, if you are not known about this.

A: MK, why you never read my email?
MK: I read, why you said I never read?
A: The read receipt you sent to me said you didn't read.
MK: Read receipt?

Then I went to play with Outlook options. Then I found out the reason.

I like to have reading pane in my Outlook as below:

After finish reading email 1, if I do not need keep it, I will just hit delete. The same for email 2 and 3. Take note the icon is a closed envelope when I delete the email, which if the email sender requested a read receipt, by default, a not-read receipt will be send, although I actually read it using the reading pane. To have a read notification sent, I have to double click (or scroll up and down to another email) to have an open envelope icon, then the read receipt will be a Read notification.

If you have a question, why am I not aware if a read receipt ever been sent? To customize to your needs, go to Tools | Options | Email Options | Tracking Options. Change it according to your needs.

Go through after email options if possible, to let the tool help you better. Enjoy emailing ;)

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year and take good care of your health during this festival period also :) No health, less chance to celebrate Chinese New Year in the future :p

Monday, February 8, 2010

Kek Lok Si Lighting in year 2010

After a gathering, we went to Kek Lok Si, as SP knew the lighting ceremony fall on today (Feb 7 2010). Thanks to SP :D

We reached there about 9pm. There were no big crowd, can find parking easily. On our way up, we saw two non-Chinese photographer walking down hill with their tripod.

These are all typical shot, no time to take creative shot :)

The first entrance.

The light was off around 9.30 am, just when KH and SP about to press the shutter button, too bad. We have no chance to reach Guan Yin statue at all before the light switched off :p Have to come on other day then :)

More information on Kek Lok Si lighting hours for 2010, as extracted from

* 7th February: lighting up ceremony at 7:00 PM on Sunday
* 12th - 15th February: whole temple will be lighted from 7:00 PM to 7:00 AM
* 16th - 28th February: lights will be on from 7:00 PM to midnight
* 29th February - 13th March: 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The making of fried ribbon biscuit

If you are not sure what is ribbon biscuit we usually called in Penang, pictures below will help :D

If we buy the ready biscuit, it usually cost around RM 13-18 per bottle, depending on the size. When I passed by Sunshine wet market, there was a store selling the raw ribbon biscuit skin from SP. SH said SP ribbon biscuit is famous, so I bought a packet to try out :D

Ladies and gentlemen, is now proudly present: The making of fried ribbon biscuit. Please give your round applause.

*sweat* I must be too tie with work, till coming out such cold joke :p (Hopefully you were not clapping also, or else you might be like me, tie with some work :p )

Anyhow, let's start.

Cut the skin into around 1.5cm width. For the skin I bought, it is approximate to 8 cuts which are marked dotted line below.

After that, cut there line in the middle as the right skin in picture below. You may use knife or scissors, up to your most efficient way to cut all of them ;) It is always good to cut with 2 skin together, we are going to fold it to become that in the left of the picture, thus if both are cut together, it will be easier to fold and looks nicer too.

To fold, turn one side into the middle line, as below:

Then pull it gently.

Make it into nice shape. We are ready to fry the skin now.

There are few tips on how to fry something well, I afraid I have to share those in other post other day. The final product.

One packet of skin cost RM 6, 500g, which resulted below.

I tasted, it is really nicer than other ribbon biscuit out there, softer yet crispy ;)
Drooling? Hehe. Happy CNY :D

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bone health check

In conjunction with my workplace health week program, Anlene setup a free bone health check counter at the exhibition booth. In order to perform the check, the testee first need to fill up some information e.g. name and age, he/she then need to take off one shoe (and sock) and put that leg onto a machine. That little machine looks similar to an Osim foot massager. The tester will key in some information which I guess is age, then spray some water on your ankle, which will be intact with the machine when the check start. Wait for a while, then remove the leg. The machine will show the result.

The greater the number, the better it is. I remembered my last year reading was 1.x, this year is 2.3. Although I am not really sure how accurate the result is, but at least there is some improvement ;)

What did I do for the past year? Sleep earlier, be happier, less meat, minimal dairy product (I don't drink milk), more fruits and vegetables :)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Fresh Shitake Mushroom by Agro Bio-Future Gunung Jerai

Fresh mushroom can be hardly find in Malaysia last time. In recent, it is easier to find in grocery store. I just got to know there is also mushroom plantation at Gunung Jerai, Kedah. The mushroom is freshly pick and pack. It taste good :D

According to the seller, using packaging below, it can be kept for around 1 month inside fridge, although it might become more dry eventually.

The packet (if not mistaken is 500g) cost RM 17.50. Smaller packet is RM 5 at 150g.

Website of Agro Bio-Future

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Wheat Bran

Want to increase fiber intake? Besides psyllium husk, there are also bran. Below is wheat bran where you can get from Adventist Bakery @ RM 1.50 for 300g. I am not sure if it is consider expensive or cheap, seldom see this product elsewhere.

To consume, my colleague told me just put 2 table spoon with oat in hot water.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

An umbrella

Get this from a forwarded email. I pass by a shop selling umbrella everyday. The umbrella looks like a normal black colour umbrella until you open it, there are painting of blue sky and clouds inside the umbrella.

In our life, there could be more raining day, cloudy day than sunny day. I can't change the weather, but I can decide on my 'mind weather'. I hope you will have all year long sunny day inside your mind from now on :)

[TH, if you are reading, I am thinking of your umbrella song in KBox :D ]

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A short saying to share, by 葛洪 in his writing 《抱朴子》:
In english, it means if we wish to stay healthier and longer life, it is very important to keep our colon and intestine clean and clear.

By theory, a good habit is to have 3-4 times pass motion a day.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Take care

Island Hospital is sort of a well known hospital in Penang, beside its medication quality service and also slightly higher price. Besides, there are few hospital as well e.g Gleneagles, Adventist and etc.

I recently visited Island and Adventist for a medical check up. I have different thoughts on these two hospitals after my visit. First of all, this is just my personal experience, it may vary depending on the doctor you visit. Secondly, things changed, the story could be different after few weeks/months/years.

Island HospitalAdventist
Registration (RM)5-
Doctor consultation (RM)4060
Procedure (RM)3050 + 65 (using scanning machine)
Total (RM)75175
Quality of Service (Most importantly)Dr E is very friendly, talk in gentle way to calm patient's mind. He gave appropriate advice to monitor the status, instead of pushing patient for operation.Dr C is quite friendly but talk in a way of 'threaten' patient for operation. (E.g. you are covered by insurance, don't worry about money")

Choose your doctor wisely. I heard from other friend, some hospital in Penang started to charge unreasonably due to insurance medical card coverage. I do not think that should be the way, it will indirectly cause the insurance premium to be more and more expensive. And some more, where is the doctor ethic?

Oh by the way, don't worry about me, it was a normal gynecology check up and the result is well. I just would like to create more awareness among public to seek for second opinion and don't just rely on doctor says, it's OUR BODY!

If you can spend 1 hour test drive a car, can you also spend 1 hour for your own body health? If you will ask thousands of questions before buying a house, can you also ask thousands of questions when discussing your health status with the doctor?