Monday, May 9, 2011

Tasmania trip (Day 2 Story 3) Table Cape Light House, Wynyard

The light house tour started at 1pm (or 2pm, I can't remember :p It has been more than half a year ago, wow). It took around 1 hour plus to complete the tour. Some of the story and information can be found from the website

If you have been to Muka Head Light House at Penang National Park, the light house outlooks are similar, however, the internal structure e.g. stair case, structure looks quite different. Well, hope you can pay a visit here one day, and listen to the story of it :)

Friday, May 6, 2011

Tasmania trip (Day 2 Story 2) More tulips...

I am still excited to share more picture taken in Table Cape Tulip Farm :) More picture in my facebook public album.

Not all field is accessible by tourist, only the display field, to prevent human bringing bug or etc which will impact the bulb. I stayed until 5pm, the time they closed. Oh yea, I spend my whole day there. The owner originally would like to close at 4pm+, however, after seeing our excitement, they decided to close at 5pm Thank you, again :)

What is the best time to visit Table Cape Tulip Farm? Late Sep till mid Oct, I am just on the right time ;)

The tulip farm view from the light house :) Not all field is used for planting. Some are leave vacant for few years to maintain soil quality, to produce quality bulbs :)

We saw people came here just to buy tulip. Anyway, order can be place through Van Diemen Quality Bulbs, 363 Table Cape Road, Wynyard, Tasmania 7325.
Telephone: (03) 6442 2012
Fax: (03) 6442 2582
Online shop:

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Tasmania trip (Day 2 Story 1) Table Cape Tulip Farm, Wynyard

Long time no see my readers :) Let's continue tasmania trip story.

After check out, we walked to Budget to pick up our car. It is across a small field from Launceston Backpacker. We can't wait to go to Table Cape Tulip Farm at Wynyard.

After check in to the backpacker house at Burnie, we reached tulip farm around 11.30am. It is a good sunny day. No more words now, just picture, hope you enjoy it :)

The entrance fee to the tulip field are:
Adults AUD 8
Seniors AUD 6
Children AUD 2

However, if to include light house tour together with tulip field access, here are the prices:
Adults AUD 19
Seniors AUD 15
Children AUD 9
Family AUD 48

The light house tour includes access to the light house, and its historical story telling by the tour guide.

Light house!! More about it in after next :)