Monday, April 12, 2010


Hi, how are you? Sounds like talking to real person :p
My hand feeling itchy of not update my blog for long time :p But life has been just busy, eh.

After read SP post on Ama Dessert, a few of us visited this Ama Dessert 阿嬷糖水铺 after hiking. This is my first time stepping into Pan Palace Plaza.

Korean Kim Chi Ramen 韩国泡菜拉面 RM 9.50. To be frank, we didn't taste Kim Chi that day :p

Honey glaze Chicken Ramen 蜜汁鸡拉面 RM 8.50. As SP mentioned, this is nice :)

Herbal Village Chicken Ramen 药材Kampung鸡拉面 RM 9.50. Ok, typical.

Ah Ma Tang Yuan 阿嬷汤圆 RM 4. Quite nice, but CN said he would prefer those at hawker stall which is available at RM 1 per bowl.

Ama Dessert 阿嬷糖水铺
Contact/Phone: Cayris Tan 012-4028772
Address: Pan Palace Plaza, 2A-01-01 (Ground Floor), Lengkok Nipah, Lip Sin Garden, Sg Nibong, 11900 Penang.

They cater for events and party also.


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Thanks for posting...I can't wait to try this dessert, just a stone throw from my place!

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怕太饱,不敢买太多 :P