Friday, May 6, 2011

Tasmania trip (Day 2 Story 2) More tulips...

I am still excited to share more picture taken in Table Cape Tulip Farm :) More picture in my facebook public album.

Not all field is accessible by tourist, only the display field, to prevent human bringing bug or etc which will impact the bulb. I stayed until 5pm, the time they closed. Oh yea, I spend my whole day there. The owner originally would like to close at 4pm+, however, after seeing our excitement, they decided to close at 5pm Thank you, again :)

What is the best time to visit Table Cape Tulip Farm? Late Sep till mid Oct, I am just on the right time ;)

The tulip farm view from the light house :) Not all field is used for planting. Some are leave vacant for few years to maintain soil quality, to produce quality bulbs :)

We saw people came here just to buy tulip. Anyway, order can be place through Van Diemen Quality Bulbs, 363 Table Cape Road, Wynyard, Tasmania 7325.
Telephone: (03) 6442 2012
Fax: (03) 6442 2582
Online shop:


Connie said...

It's so beautiful!!!~

mk said...

Yeah, I like it very much too :)

Shirley said...

MK, your pics and the tulips are stunning!
i guess my jaws will drop if I were to see such plentiful of tulips..ok, tasmania in the next destination list hahaha

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