Wednesday, February 8, 2012



在Koh Lipe时,海上生明月。



Anonymous said...

Hello i enjoyed reading your trip to planning a trip in need of information about the car rental and petrol consumption during the whole email me at you and good day to you....

mk said...


I can reply to you here.

For my melbourne trip, it cost around AUD 60 in total. However, when I purchase the car rental I opted for buy full return empty, so AUD 60 has not include the one tank petrol I bought from Hertz.
I recommend to buy full return full because:
1. Outside petrol price should be cheaper than car rental's.
2. When we return, because we were worried the car run out of petrol in the middle, so we did pump more and it was not really empty when we return. If to be calculative, we donated some petrol to Hertz. Petrol station should be easy to find before you return your car, so return full is not hard to do.

So at the end it may cost slightly more if you buy full return full.

Besides, if the fuel price in Australia remains :p

For my tasmania trip, it cost ~ AUD 40.

The Hertz rent cost AUD 508 with insurance. The Budget rent cost AUD 155 (I forgot if I ever purchased insurance for this).

Try to avoid the Budget Kia car I am getting :p It consume more :p The Yaris perform better.