Friday, June 29, 2012

programming's abcdefg....

When you make any phone call which requires to spell out word alphabet by alphabet, what word do you usually used for an alphabet? I've used to use country name for that. But if I will be calling to software company, let's try to have fun by using software/programming term :)

A - array
B - boolean
C - character
D - decimal
E - event
F - false
G - goto
H - heap
I - integer
J - java
K - kernel
L - long
M - module
N - null
O - object
P - pointer
Q - query
R - return
S - string
T - true
U - unsigned
V - void
W - while
X - XOr
Y - yield
Z - zcat

Finally the gaps are filled. Thanks for the feedback!


CmdrCASh said...

K - Kernel / Kilobit?

pikapom said...

Q= Query

pikapom said...

K = Kill

pikapom said...

Y = Yield

pikapom said...

Z =Zcat

mk said...

Thanks for the feedback, will update the blog content :)