Sunday, September 2, 2012

More on Luang Phor Thuad

Today there was one reader came to my blog using search keyword "why Luang Phor Thuad dies in Lenggong", so I think I hope to share what I have heard from the villagers. According to them, the location where he reaches nirvana belong to Thai in many years ago. Then gradually the border line moved up and up which no one know the reasons (maybe there will be historical writing about this but we are not passionate to find out :p ), then that place belong to Malaysia now. So I am a Malaysian, if not I will have to say Sawadee Ka or Sawadee Kap instead of 你好吗 or Apa Khabar ;)

Arhh, if you wish to know more about Luang Phor Thuad temple in Lenggong, you may be interested to read Luang Phor Thuad Temple, Lenggong, Perak 霹雳州玲珑龙普陀  :)


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