Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Janji Ditepati - 5W1H

When listening to news on TV, Janji Ditepati is always heard. Well, let's apply the 5W1H.

Janji Ditepati + 5W1H

Who - Janji daripada siapa dan kepada siapa?
What - Janji mana satu?
When - Bila? Untuk kedua-dua yang telah dan telah ditepati.
Where - Di mana? Seluruh negara atau pun kawasan tertentu sahaja?
Why - N.A. 
How - Macam mana janji ditepati? Berapa wang telah dibelanjakan? Adakah keputusan memuaskan?

Disclaimer: This is just a simple article in relating something to the common 5W1H information gathering technique. There is none political intention nor criticism.  


Ken Geo said...

Greed is the root cause to many unwholesome actions. It is also a desire that corrupts the mind and body to the core.

Average men are only surface-seers. Wise men sees things as they truly are. To the wise all life is suffering and he finds no real happiness in this world which deceives mankind with illusory pleasures. Material happiness is merely the gratification of some desire. No sooner is the desired material thing gained, the desire begins to vanish. A new desire then arises all over again. Insatiate are all desires.

Ken Geo said...

Hi Mei Kuan,

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