Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Please, lower down your volume

If you do have karaoke set or hifi set at home, can you please lower down the volume, close all the windows and door so that your voice won't interrupt other people sleeping? This is the reason a person who used to sleep at 10.30pm still awake near to 12am. I couldn't fall asleep for more than an hour due to the 'super band' karaoke at the housing area.

If you do like to sing at night, please please please, lower down the volume and close all windows and doors, or go to Karaoke box. If you do know your friend love to sing at night, please share with them the same, to keep a peaceful residential area.

* I did call to the police station for help. The officer told me over the phone "Kalau awak tak tahu rumah mana, susahlah, saya tak bolek buat apa-apa." If I know which house, I would have go knock his house directly, I don't need you. If the band is still working after 12am, I will insist to have the police to come 'ronda'. Too bad it is not yet after 12am. Oh thank god, it started to rain heavily. Thank you my lovely sky.

Good night.