Saturday, November 17, 2007

Teluk Kumbar Good Friend Restaurant 好友餐馆

Last few weeks my friends and I went to restaurant above for dinner. When we reached, the restaurant is fulled and there are some customer waiting to get a table, not to escorted by the restaurant staff, but customer had to “站台” (a special word in cantonese, if you have no idea, let me know, I will explain further) in order to get a table. Since we were only 3 persons, we can get a table in shorter time. But disappointedly, the captain keep asked us to wait and never come to place our order. In fact, she just entertained customer came in bigger group e.g. 6 people and above.

After another 10 minutes waiting, before we just about to decided to leave, a worker felt unfair to us and helped us to place the order although he is not a captain. After that, we saw the captain scolded him because placing our order. At that time, we felt very disappointed again. This restaurant has been established for few years, but the service provided doesn't seems to be professional and fair.

After this incidence, we ourselves think we will NOT visit that restaurant again if possible.

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