Friday, July 25, 2008

MS outlook 2003 vs MS outlook 2007

After using MS outlook 2007 for few months, personally, I still prefer MS outlook 2003:
1. 2003 version is faster in start-up time
2. 2003 version is faster in personal data file (.pst) file password verification
3. 2003 version has Advanced Search feature, which I can specify few options, I can't find those in 2007 version except a simple find text box.


**Shih Nyien** said...

Some of my colleagues has update to MS Office 2007, comment is the same, the old one is faster. And if you want to use 2003 to open 2007 file, is also painful. Need to wait for a long "file converting" time, sigh. 一代不如一代

Kuen Hoong said...

MK, same here.. i used to think i am pretty good in MS office until i got to 2007.. it always took me long time just want to do the same stuffs i used to do in just few seconds.