Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Many years ago, I cannot remember the actual year, Malaysia government decided to privatize some agent/body, e.g. water and electricity. As a consumer, I can see slight improvement, but in general, the service is still bad, and the system is still old and not flexible.

Just one thing that is really efficient I can see, when they want to get your money and charged your bill and penalty payment in a very timely manner, never missed.

Another 10 years to Wawasan 2020, do you think it is achiveable? With some policy i.e. NEx has been extended for so many years, and Plus highway contract extended for few times, very likely there Wawasan 2020 due date will be extended where the world leave this country behind, on this globalization platform. I hope not.

* Just some thoughts, no offense *


Yi Yang 毅阳 said...

i agreed with you. i think our MaMasan 2020 will extend another 10 - 20 years too, haha..

mk said...

haha. We should still be around to see if that is happening :p