Sunday, January 2, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 3 Story 3) Anglesea

From some web comment, Anglesea is a nice town to stop by. We saw something like a flea market, then we went to know more. It is at the open space next to the bowling center, opposite the row of shop. There are stalls selling hotdog, raising fund for local community society, clothes, organic food, CD, books, accessories and etc.

Then we walk to the shop in the opposite, it's about lunch time.

You may find few restaurant here, selling fish and chips, western food, chicken, chinese restaurant and etc. We bought a whole chicken at AUD 11.50 and picnic at the park.

Nuggets and Dim Sim. Dim Sim is a meat dumpling, in usually two sizes, small or big, I usually see it in deep fried. To me, it is not special for a Malaysian Chinese who ate dumpling, 锅贴, gyo za or similar :) Anyway, I am always interested to try local food :D

Water cooler next to the garbage bin. Don't worry, it is clean :)


Connie said...

They said can see a lot of wild Kangaroos in Anglesea. Did u see them?
I have no chance to stop at Anglesea because no time for this. T___T Wish I can go back to melbourne again.

mk said...

Oh I didn't see any though. I just stopped here and then continue travel on the road :p
You will! Keep the wish. The law of attraction :D

Ian said...

To see the kangas you need to go to the golf course. The best time is at dusk. park in the golf club car park (don't make it obvious as it is supposed to be for golfers only)go for walk across the fairways and I'd be surprised if you did not see dozens or more. Remember they are wild animals and the big dadies can stand over 6 ft. so don't push your luck. Carry a stick and for some reason the kangaroos think you are a golfer and tend to let you get that much closer

mk said...

I see, thanks Ian :)