Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 3 Story 4) On the way of Great Ocean Road

Today, mostly picture to share some scenery we saw while driving at Great Ocean Road :)

Look at the cloud. Looks low and thick. However, still quite a few people surfing. It maybe is the starting of surfing season. The wave is getting higher.

Saw a few surfing car rental along the road. If a car is parked at the roadside but no one is there, probably he is enjoying surfing :) Less cloud now, and blue ocean.

If you are driving slower than the car behind you, you may use the turnout as in picture above, to allow vehicle behind to take over safely.

Almost no cloud now :)

Watch out for kangaroo or wild life crossing road. A moving kangaroo will hit your car badly. Oh yes, the driving speed limit is 100km/h most of the time, unless specified :)

Besides beach and sea, there are fields and valleys too.

Sheep thinking "Oh, look at who is taking picture?"

It started to rain. A small nice garden at Laver's Hill.

Guess what is in the picture below? Ant? What?

It's the cow, walking home in a queue :) Go go go, it's raining.


Connie said...

I prefer travel in low season. Less people, low traffic congestion.. hehehe.. ^_^
bad thing is cannot find someone to help capture the group photos.. =P

tailow said...

just like to get some info from u...... do u need international driving licience or just malaysian licience to rent a car n drive in australia? as i can remember during my uni time ( 24 yrs ago), we need to get an australian driving licience so as to drive in Australia. my old aussie licience oledi expired long long time ago.
i need this info as i might visit gold coast this coming march during d school holiday.....

mk said...

connie, me too, I don't like to crowd :)

tailow, it is easy, go to JPJ, told them I need a driving certificate in Australia. Then JPJ will prepare a certificate in English using my Malaysia driving license then I can drive in Australia. In fact, the car rental in Australia didn't ask me for the certificate, they just need me to show my driving license :p However, to be safe, get the driving certificate as it cost just RM 10 and it can be done quickly.

tailow said...

mk, tqvm

Shirley said...

the pix are stunning! I love this spot too.hope to go back soon.

mk said...

Shirley, u will :D probably with little austin too ;)