Sunday, October 7, 2012

Inspiring mother and kid conversations, "Sometimes we can't always get what we want in life."

In one of the cable car ride from Genting Highland, I was with a foreigner couple with a kid looks around 4 years old. The mother explained to the kid about the tropical forest, and how is it different from their motherland's. 

The mother then passed a yellow colour water bottle to the kid. The kid declined and insisted on a green colour. The mother patiently tell, "Sometimes we can't always get what we want in life, we just have to accept what we've got." The kid asked why. The mother just repeat the same sentence as answer, patiently. The kid accepted the answer and happily take the yellow colour bottle. I found it inspiring, sometimes we can't always get what we want in life, we just have to accept, love and appreciate what we've got. If I was the kid and it was my mom, I think the answer I will get is just "Don't ask." lol. 

Later the mother asked the kid, "xx, where is Jesus?". (Nah I am not a Christian but I think this is meaningful to share). 
Kid: Mmm, I don't know.
Mother: Remember, when we were in Africa, Jesus is up there in the sky.
Kid: Yeah.
Mother: Now Jesus is up there in the sky too, watching us.
Mother: And Jesus in deep inside here in our heart too. Jesus is everywhere.
Mother: So can you tell me where is Jesus?
Kid: Jesus is up there in the sky (He pointed to the sky), and also here (The kid placed his palm near his heart).

The mother continued to tell the kid more about life, but I can't recall the contents.

I do not know if the kid really understand it but I think the mother did a very good job. As long as a religion lead a person to be kind, humble, and other good moral values, it is a good belief. A religion is far beyond the statues and statutes. 

The conversations stopped here because we'd reached the base station. However, the inspiring dialogue stayed in my mind till today. 

In one of the volunteer session at autism center, a clever autistic kid insisted to get a green color tambourine. He cried and yelled to die for one. The mother just let him cried and yelled. The noise affected other kid then I went to get one for him. He stopped making noise and happily follow the musical session. One of the mother later told me I should have not did that. Sometimes we need to be assertive for the autistic kid to learn "Sometimes we can't always get what we want in life, we just have to accept what we've got." This will avoid a kid to be spoil. I think the same applies to all kid. I tried and it works. Education starts when one was born and cease on the last day in life. 活到老,学到老!

Happy learning everyday!

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