Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My first experience with MacBook Pro

In Cantonese say, when something doesn't work well for you, your birth date probably doesn't 'match' with that something. That's what my friend said is happening to my new MacBook Pro and me. 

Well, when I first got it, downloading and installing Google Chrome took me few hours and the process was very frustrated. The root cause was the downloaded file was corrupted although it said download completes. Oh well, maybe it is Google Chrome birth date doesn't match with MacBook Pro or Apple, I hope. But after using the machine for few days, on one day the Text Edit hang. I pressed the Spotlight shortcut key few times and it also was hang. Out of a sudden, display color was inverted. I have to go to preferences > Accessibility to check Invert Color in order to view RGB color. The painful part is that the pixel is out. The screen display was very blurry. Called to Apple Care helps to make the display slightly better, but... it is still painful looking at blurry screen and text!

I am now backing up data at Switch center, to send the MacBook for repair. It may took 2-3 days to diagnose the problem, another 3 or 5 or 7 days to fix the problem. Sounds a bit long right? Another 4 min for the data to be backed up. Bye. Finger crossed and hopefully the MacBook after repair has a new birth date that we can live happily ever after haha.


Ken Geo said...

As the saying goes....There's first time to everything. Enjoy your Mac Book Pro.

mk said...
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mk said...

Yeah anything can happened under the sun. Thank you :)

Ken Geo said...

Hi MK, Nice to see your life experiences. Your story portray your inner feelings as you see it through the eyes. An honest and sincere view of what you see.

Not any writer could interest me easily. Thanks for making me like your posts. Cheers


mk said...

Thank you :)
Your blog is eye opening too :)