Saturday, July 3, 2010

Daorae BBQ Restaurant, Bayan Point, Penang - Part 2

Continue from my previous blog post on Daorae, beside BBQ.

After placed the order, the waitress served around 9 different type of side dish, e..g kimchi, fish roll, sweet potato, seaweed and etc. You may request for refill.

We ordered a bowl of rice, in a 福 bowl. Surprisingly, a bowl of rice cost RM 5.

The Dderk-bokgi 炒年糕 @ RM 30. Traditional Korean rice cake with cabbage, egg and spicy sauce. I think it is not considered very spicy for Malaysian :)

We got free fried pancake. This taste nice. I like it better than the fried rice cake :p

Another freeby, smooth steam egg.

Lastly, each of us were served the free rice wine. Oops, I cannot recall the taste now, because I more prefer Yun Nan rice wine!

To visit Daorae Korean BBQ Restaurant:
15-G-2, Bayan Point, Medan Kg Relau, 11900, Penang

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