Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you a 'flasher'?

Have you ever drove on PLUS highway at night or early morning when it is dark and everyone have to turn on the car light?

If so, have you ever being 'flashed' by the flasher? Or if you are a flasher, do you know that for drivers 'flashed' by you, their eyes get hurt and possibly the eyes will go blank for a short while? Can you imagine after you flashed someone, his eyesight gone for few seconds and that is actually very dangerous! What if he can't see the road condition well, accidentally bang you while you were overtaking him?

There were few incidents (in fact there are few tenth incidents) where I was being 'flashed'. At ALL cases, I was driving at 110km/h and overtaking buses/lorries. There was once my eye sight was blackout for 3-5 seconds. Luckily no accident happened as I roughly know the road condition for being travelling quite frequent on PLUS highway. Very frequently, my eyes are very painful after being flashed. I can't imagine for driver with high degree of astigmatism.

I understand for people driving at 130km/h and beyond, they are very reluctant to press the break pedal. But please be considerate, I am driving at the speed limit, can the speedo just please stay behind my car for few seconds until I finish overtook the long vehicle? My reader, for all of the cases, I was half way overtaking the long vehicle, then the speedo reached behind me and isn't patient to wait for few seconds. Some more you know, if you can't estimate the speed of the incoming car from back or car in front of you, whether they are slower of faster, so that you can prepare to accelerate or put your leg off from accelerate pedal, I don't think you are a good driver. You are just someone who drive blindly fast, not driving smartly fast.

Speedo, if you would like to speed, that is your choice, but please don't 'force' other people to be involved in your speedy game. You may win the few second of victory, but you'd loose yourself of being someone who can share the road with other driver.

A light joke about flasher. They must always bring a torchlight with them.Why, a light joke to end this post. One day a speedo go to KFC/McD (or any restaurant actually :p ) and there are long queue to order the food. Since he can't flash their car light, what will he do? He will take out a torchlight, flash on person in front of him (maybe on the eye), so that the person in front of him will go to other queue, then speedo can get to the food counter as soon as he can.
*gosh, I hope this will not become real :p *


kh said...

You can consider to make use of the built in features on the Rear mirror. I have practice myself to flip the mirror at night so that eyes will not hurt by the high beam.

On more modern / well equipped car, there are alternative features which will auto dimming when it detects high contrast beams. This also explains why most speeders that driving luxury cars don't cares, never thought of the impact of flashes as they never experience them. ( or mostly often, they just don't care )

My suggestion for time being is to watch closely to rear mirror ( don't forget to always flip the rear view mirror for day and night use ).. I normally give way to those speeder when i saw they are coming from far in high speed so that i won't put myself in danger. But in your case in the middle of overtaking.. not much choices.

mk said...

Arhh, thanks for the tips :)