Monday, August 16, 2010

An evening of wisdom and joy with His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

In Chinese idiom, there is one sounds like frog under the well, where the frog eyesight is limited to the size of the well. I feel like I am a frog when I read poster above. I am sorry that I am new to His Holiness Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. We reached PISA around 6.50pm. We thought there will be no crowd, but obviously these frogs were wrong. There were a few buses at car park, and the car park is full. Look at the hall, it is full too.

The talk start with conversation with Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng. After that, His Holiness continue by asking audience to greet people surround him/her. His Holiness also point out if we really mean what we said. When you said Thank you, (or sorry), do you speak it with your heart? Or just for formality? Then His Holiness asked us to say I don't trust you to the person next to us. This exercise is trying to convey a message saying something negative is harder. We should have create an environment with positive energy.

His Holiness then shared 4 wisdom of life: freedom, love, skills and strength. Strength to face the difficulties in life and overcome it, skills in work to survive our daily life, love and freedom for our wisdom personal life. Then, all audience follow His Holiness meditation exercise, which last for 25 min, which I felt is only 10 minutes, time really flies :D

His Holiness encourage everyone to always bring a smile with them. Leave the worriness in the hall, and bring just smile home. After around 30 min of Q&A, the session ended. Well, it is a pretty short session, and really brief. Maybe we are used to very informative seminar, and felt this is really brief.

I would like to share his answer to few questions in the Q&A session:
Q1: How to I score well in examination?
A1: Study smart. After 40min study, listen to music for 3-7min.

Q2: Advice to husband and wife.
A2: To woman, do not stand on your husband ego. Always praised them. To husband, just listen to your wife nag. To both husband and wife, don't question your partner love.

Q3: How do I overcome anger, stress... (a very long question)
A3: Attend the course by The Art of Living. (Frankly, we felt a bit disappointed with the answer, maybe we were too expecting informative overloaded seminar :p )


Yi Yang 阿阳 said...

i missed it...

mk said...

No worries,

CmdrCASh said...

The answers sound pretty reasonable... but did you get any "aha!" type of revelations?

mk said...

Hmm, the AHA I got is from the meditation exercise. Maybe I have not done any before, so the power of 'ohm' vibration is quite interesting.