Thursday, September 2, 2010

Get rid of gallstone 排胆石

Look at picture below, take a guess what is that. I believe my readers are all smart and know it is a gallstone :p

It is a soften gallstone in my body. In actual it is dark green in color, I was tired, and no mood to adjust color brightness and thus it looks darker.

Why did I have a gallstone of myself :O? Don't worry, I have not gone through any operation. I did by referring to guideline below:

1st - 5th day
- Take 5 apples every day. Either red or green apple is fine. If you are taking big size fuji apple, just 3 is enough. You may blend the apple and take it juice, 100cc.
- Apple is to soften the gallstone.
- Take less oil and lighter diet, less meat.
(MK: If you seldom take fruits, I believe you should notice some changes in pass motion during these days)

6th day
- Stop eating apple. Take less oil and lighter diet, less meat. Stop taking meal after 1pm.
- 6pm: Mix 10g of epsom salt with warm water. Feel free to replace warm water with grape fruit or apple juice for better taste.
- 8pm: Mix 10g of epsom salt with warm water.
- 10pm: 125ml pure fresh lemon juice mix with 125ml extra virgin olive oil, drink it slowly and finish it in once. You may replace lemon juice with grapefruit juice. After finish, go to bed immediately.
- Epsom salt helps to release bile duct, olive oil increase bile discretion, to push the gallstone out from gallbladder.

- On the same night, or next day, the stool will usually be in greenish black color. The gallstone will float on the water, you may pick it up if you wish to.
(MK: Some people use 'filter'. For me, I got just one big gallstone as shown in the picture, I used the disposable spoon.)
- If you have a lot of gallstone, can tried it again after few months to get rid of the left over. (MK: I'm sorry it doesn't define how many is a lot). For normal people, do it annually.

A tips on the leftover lemon skin, use it to clean your kitchen, e.g. knife and etc.

The epsom salt taste a bit bitter. I did drink some 南非叶 before, and still can accept the taste. Around 6.30pm, I need to go to toilet, and it is like normal. After second epsom salt consumption, I can feel the discomfort, not sure is it from stomach or colon. It stop me from sleeping at 10pm. Around 10.30pm, I started to run to toilet, for 3 times until 11.30pm, then only the discomfort is gone then I managed to fall asleep.

The next day morning, after wake up, the diarrhea started again, and it is getting more and more watery. I ran to toilet for 4 times in an hour. After that, the frequency reduced. For 7th day, I ran to toilet 7 times, around 20 gallstones, beside the big one shown in picture above, the rest are around 2-3mm in size.

If you would like to try it, recommended to stay home for 6th and 7th day. Do not arrange anything on the 8th day. My colleague has the diarrhea on her 8th day. It may vary depending on your body condition or maybe the quantity of the epsom salt taken and etc. My colleague has more than 30 tiny pieces of gallstone. I was surprised she has so much in her gallbladder and that make me want to try it too. Luckily I did it to get rid of the big one. Or else I think if I continue to maintain previous healthy living style, it will eventually gone too, most likely need much longer time.

* After the 7th day, my body feel a bit different because of the epsom salt. It is claimed to be normal, it will last around 3 days.

The epsom salt my colleague lend to me,

Thanks to SS and BW for the sharing :D

Take good care, my friend :) No health, nothing.


Anonymous said...

Do you know where can I get epsom salt?

mk said...

You may get it from pharmacy. A friend share a link with me.. You may want to read more. In personal, I was wondered why the gallstone float and it is soft all the way into the core. But anyway, I did saw some good change to my body after the detox. Your choice :)