Saturday, September 4, 2010

Some thoughts on gallstone detox program

If you'd read my post on Get rid of gallstone 排胆石
, after read a URL (thanks to AS for the link), I recalled on some of the doubts I ever had while doing the program.

1. For the big gallstone I observed, it is soft all the way into the core when I pressed it. I was a bit surprised, was mis-lead by the name stone. After google gallstone composition, it looks like it could be soft.
2. Why the gallstone float? After read the composition, if it is consist of oil e.g. cholesterol, then it make sense for it to float?
3. Are those really gallstone? Or just some substance formed after I take those lemon/olive oil?

Well, maybe there are accurate answer out there which I do not know. After the detox, maybe due to removal of gallstone, or cleanse the digestive system after diarrhea, I noticed 1 obvious change.

If you do read traditional chinese medication book, it was mentioned that when our nerve deliver the Blood Qi 血气 to other part of the body, our nerve will become bigger, as in picture below.

* The hand was actually in relax position, although it looks like fist.

Different human body has different schedule when the Blood Qi is delivered. After I read the book, I pay attention to my hand trying to find out my schedule. I figured the nerve it usually happen only once after I 敲胆经 massage Gallbladder Meridian. After the detox, I have this more frequent, especially after meall. If the book on Blood Qi delivering is correct, I hope it is a good change to my body :)

Ganbatte my friend, no healthy, nothing.


Yi Yang 毅阳 said...

i found that many persons already remove their gallbladder due to gallstones.

one more question, after removed the gallbladder, will a person become 沒膽(量)hoho.

mk said...

One of my aunty too, have to remove gallbladder due to its stone. After that she has to enjoy less food due to oil digestion.

A lot of people also 沒膽(量) although they still have their gallbladder la :p So it has nothing to do with gallbladder :p

Health said...

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