Friday, September 10, 2010

Using ATM machine in Malaysia to withdraw money

If this is your first time withdraw money in Malaysia using ATM card, you may wonder how to use ATM machine in Malaysia.

Most of the ATM machines in Malaysia accept foreign ATM card and credit card. The ATM machine usually has the supported card logo on there e.g. Cirrus, Maestro and PLUS.

Here are the general steps to use it.

1. Insert your ATM card into the machine.
2. Some ATM machine will show some information message e.g. be sure the machine in used has no other external device connected to the card slot, to prevent ATM card pin number from being stolen. Then click to continue if everything is in order.
3. Enter your pin.
4. Select the transaction you wish, and follow the instructions.
5. After the transaction has been completed, the card will be returned with some blinking at the card slot, or maybe with some sound indication as well. Take back your ATM card NOW. Or else the card will be automatically inserted into the machine again and you will never be able to get it back.
6. Take the money, if any.
7. Take the receipt, if any.

As of last two month status, all foreigner ATM card or credit card locked by the machine is not returnable. The card will be destroyed.

Welcome to Malaysia and have an enjoyable trip!


CmdrCASh said...

... which begs the question: Which step is different from ATM machines in other countries? Step 2? Step 5?

mk said...

I have no idea :p Hopefully I will have chance to travel through the whole world to find out :p

Anonymous said...

if i withdraw money using cimb atm machine.
before the money can be withdrawn.
everytime it say :

"Do you want to choose this as an option transactions?"

'yes / no'

what it mean by that?