Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Weather is getting hotter. From news, there is a dessert heat wave, we can feel it on a day where the air is so hot, even though we stand at the building lobby under the roof. This will be the hottest summer since 2005. Besides that, China gov blocked hotmail, flickr, and few more server besides youtube and blogspot.

I need to go to the online study and online free book reading soon, here is the dinner at Dong Po Restaurant 东坡酒家 :)

From left to right, top to bottom:

1) Fried potato and pork rib - special quite nice
2) Spinach with prawn salad - Chinese style salad, it's a kind of cold dish, with a little of wasabi :D yes wasabi, so it taste a bit different :D
3) Steam pork rib with yam - A bit different from the one we have in Malaysia, they use pork rib, and no 5 spice powder taste, but salty, taste still acceptable.

1) Brown sugar jelly 红糖冰粉 - Si Chuan special dessert, very nice :)
2) Gui lin gao 龟苓膏 - Home made, a bit bitter, taste good.
3) Home made rice wine with tang yuan and egg米酒汤丸及鸡蛋 - Beijing style dessert.
4) White mushroom soup - Not too sweet.
5) Pork bun 叉烧包 - I still prefer Malaysia bun better :D
6) Yam roll 香芋粉卷 - Quite nice, but will not taste so good if it is not warm.

Another thing is every table is equipped with device below, uses radio frequency:

When we pressed the button, a receiver with a very obvious antenna near cashier will get the radio signal (I forgot to take picture of that receiver) and display the table number, with three ding-dong door bell sound :) SH saw this in San Francisco Steak House of KL. Since we know so many RF engineer around, probably we can invent one too? :p


Dash said...

Its the time of the year to wear lesser =)
Wow, alot of desserts you ordered and all look so yummy.

mk said...

Probably, if there is beach here maybe the view will be good ;) But I don't want to be roasted lobster, rather wear long pants :p

The culture here is do not take a lot of rice. Just a little bit of rice/noodle/bun with dishes :) One dessert per person, each person is given one free 香芋冰粉 from the restaurant, make the whole table full of dessert :D

Ong Kok Meng said...

I am seeing that a lot in Japan too. And when the waiter/waitress come, they will bring along with a remote ordering device, where your order will be key-in directly. Cool eh;)

I think buying that system will be cheaper than asking your RF engineer friends to build one. hahaha

Really nice dessert, and take care of the heat wave, and stay healthy.

mk said...

Maybe bringing those system to Malaysia as distributor could be a small business? :p

Thanks. I will. No health, nothing :)