Thursday, June 4, 2009

2009-06-04 Headache...

Felt a bit headache today, suspecting could be too much MSG from outside food for 3 weeks. As sometimes after meal felt very thirsty. Just have to drink more water, and detox after return to Penang.

Walked to nearby restaurant Matsuko Japanese restaurant 松子 for dinner, as not feeling to travel far because of the headache. But surprisingly the food is nice. Although it is Japanese food. I was really surprised there were so many Japanese restaurant here. Korean BBQ restaurant seems to be common too, at least more common than Singapore/Malaysia/Indonesia restaurant :)

Let's start from the handroll, clockwise:
1) Soft shell crab handroll - Nice and with lot's of roe, my favorites. The seaweed is surprisingly very crunchy ;)
2) Tempura - Normal, flour is too thick.
3) California roll - Nice. The crabstick is just nice, like those I have had in Genji Sushi of Hong Kong. The taste is fresh with cucumber and avocado. Although it is wrapped by roe, but when we eat, the rice and roe stick really well. Thumb up for the sushi si fu :D
4) Tropical sushi fruit sushi - Guess what is inside. It is banana, mango, kiwi and cheery :) Special taste.
5) Free ice cream - Soft and not too creamy.
6) Beef and mushroom roll - Good taste.

We were really surprised that the Japanese food here in Beijing is quite good, much better than that in Penang. Their menu has lot more choices, different kind of sushi filling :) Don't laugh at me of praising Japanese food at China but you will know after you try :)


Anonymous said...

must take more lidan for detoxify

mk said...

Thanks anynymous, I am :)