Tuesday, June 2, 2009

2009-05-31 My favorites

Today is Sunday and yet a working day. This is because Thu was Dumpling festival and the company I worked for declared holiday from Thu - Sat, thus have to change Friday working day to Sunday.

Due to some reason, after dinner, we went to Wang Fu Jing for dinner. I won't missed this opportunity to visit WangFuJing bookstore. I'd been to this bookstore during my last trip and I like it. It can be reach by public transport easily, huge and with lots of books. I can spend my day here :D

For the 40 min I have, I manage to locate few of the books that I am looking for, and bought 3 books below:

The books are in Oxford dictionary size and the thickness. 3 of them weight 3.8kg in total :) (I really need to plan well so my luggage will not be overweight :) ) and RMB 132.60 in total.

Here are the collections of the book:
The Bronte Sisters
- Jane Eyre
- Wuthering Heights
- Agnes Grey

Charles Dickens
- Oliver Twist
- Hard Times
- A Tale of Two Cities
- Great Expectations

Jane Austen:
- Pride and Prejudice
- Sense and sensibility
- Emma
- Mansfield Park
- Northanger Abbey
- Persuasion

Before I forgot, here is the dinner at Yu Xiang 渝香

From top right, counter clockwise:
1) Stir fried long bean - As that in Malaysia.
2) Steam pork with pumpkin - Similar to 扣肉 style.
3) Tofu in salted egg sauce
4) Pumpkin dessert


Dash said...

Can ask your two friends to help carry the "weight" =D You books collection is really growing..

**Shih Nyien** said...

MK, the holiday is not fixed by company, is the government :)

mk said...

Yeah, reserved some space of Ivan's luggage :D

Oh hehe, because some company off on friday and holiday on Sunday, so I thought Friday off is optional and determined by company.

Ong Kok Meng said...

CMK, I thought I know you... But I now I know I did not. You read that kind of book? Really 'keng'

mk said...

OKM, you will be surprised to know I started to read since kid, story books, Sherlock Holmes and etc but mostly in chinese from school library. I heard of those book but just not interested to read the english version till now :)