Friday, June 19, 2009

Let's talk about food today

It's friday, let's talk about food today, after disappeared for few weeks :p

2 meals I'd taken:

Dinner at a small local shop, it can fit only 6 table, and each table can serve 4 people only. We were lucky to arrive earlier, after 5 min we placed the order, there were people queuing for seats.

1) Top left: Beef Gui Lin Vermicelli牛腩 桂林米粉。
2) Bottom left: Fish ball Vermicelli 鱼丸桂林米粉.
The soup base are the same for both vermicelli, just different ingredient. I like the vermicelli, it's smooth, soft but chewy.
Look at the right column, the first two are 2 different type of chili sauce. The first one looks similar to chicken rice chili sauce, the second one looks like sambal. Surprisingly, those are very very hot and spicy. (I know it is not correct to use 'very' twice in a row, but sometimes Malaysia chinese use this, yes the malaysian style broken english :p ) Just dip very little with the chopstick and you can feel the spicyness. Well, add a little to the soup and stir it, the soup base taste even better :D

The last pic is herbal gel 龟苓膏. Disappointedly the 'fruit' on top is from can, can fruit mix with fruit jam...

On the other day, the lunch we took at 出云:

Northeast quadrant: Sashimi bento set
Northwest quadrant: Clam in sake soup, we can merely tasted the sake.
Southwest quadrant: Beef bento set. The beef are grilled with one type of sour sauce. I am female and I also felt it is quite sour, guy might not like this so much. The beef is tender though :D
Southeast quarant: Roasted beef with vegetable hot pot bento, sukiyaki soup base.

Feel hungry? ;p

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