Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Nyonya Breeze, Abu Siti Lane, Penang

Starve for nyonya food in Penang?

As quoted from wikipedia
Peranakan and Baba-Nyonya (Chinese: 峇峇娘惹; pinyin: Bābā Niángrě; Hokkien: Bā-bā Niû-liá) are terms used for the descendants of late 15th and 16th century Chinese immigrants to the Nusantara region during the Colonial era.

There are few parking lot in front of the shop, we went there early and there was still two for us.

We reserved a table before during lunch. Some of the dish requires pre-booking, check out with them for details! Here is restaurant outlook, oriental style.

Here's what we ordered. The food description in () are as described in their menu, and of course they own the copyright I think :)

Otak-otak 乌达 (Steamed spicy fish custard lined with kaduk leaves) @ RM3.60 per piece. TS like it very much.

Nasi Ulam 凉拌野菜饭 (Steamed rice tossed with salted fish, dried prawns, belacan, kerisik and assorted local herbs) @ RM 7 per plate. This is my first time eating nasi ulam. SF doesn't like it, but the rest of us are okay with the taste. You know, 1Malaysia, 1Taste :p

Acar 阿渣 . Pickled vegetables with sesame. Tasted okay.

Jiu Hu Char 鱿鱼干炒沙葛 (Cuttlefish strips stir fried with pork slices, turnip, carrot, cabbage, onions and mushroom strips; best served with a side of lettuce leaves and sambal belacan) @ RM 12, another RM 2.40 for lettuce

Hong Bak 风肉 (Pork belly chunks and potatoes cooked in a bean paste sauce with local herbs) @ RM 12. Most of us can't accept the taste, sorry, no 1Taste.

Nyonya-style Mee Sua Taw 娘惹面线糊 (Rice vermicelli in a thick, savoury sauce with sliced pork, local melon and prawns) @RM 6 per plate. SP told me there is a nice white mee sua tao in Air Itam which I am yet to try. Compare this to Teow Chew Meng's mee sua tao, I think both also okay although different cooking style.

Ayam Ponteh 马六甲式ponteh 鸡 (Braised chicken with carrots and potatoes in a delicious sauce of bean paste and 'gula melaka') @ RM 12. Okay, this time is 1Taste again, all of us found this quite nice :D

Opening hours: 11.30am - 2.30pm
6.30pm - 10pm
Closed on Tuesday except public holiday
Address: No.50, Abu Siti Lane, 10400 Georgetown, Penang
Phone: 019-443 7104, 04-227 9646
Map (As taken from http://www.nyonyabreeze.oomph.com.my/images/mapb.jpg)


Shirley T said...

Wow..wow..wow..super tempting especially the sight of kerabu rice.
Can't wait to try :P

mk said...

hehe want to try to cook? :D

Anonymous said...

I went to this restaurant during my trip @ Penang. The waiters were very friendly but the food was so-so. The one who prepared drinks for us had an extremely bad attitude towards customers! They even mixed up our food! I would say this restaurant is overrated.