Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Using blogspot with Google Chrome

Haven't heard of google chrome? Another web browser.

I'd just recently install it, I quite like it, quite fast and slim, with just what I need.

Unfortunately I can't use it to write my blog post. Unlike Firefox, I can't find a way to resize my picture easily. Whenever I click on the picture I uploaded, the resize cursor just never come out.

In firefox, the resize cursor is like below, which I can drag to make it larger very easily.

If you find out a way to resize a picture easily in blogspot editor using google chrome , please let me know :)

*Forget about IE, my least preferences :p


YihYoung 毅阳 said...

i try chrome before, same feeling with you. chrome also cant subscribe RSS. Meanwhile firefox still my first priority.

蓝蓝 said...

I have the same experience too. Still wondering is there any solution to cope with it.
btwn, I just tried with Windows Life writer to edit and publish my blog post. It works well. Maybe u can try it if u feel to stick with chrome

YihYoung 毅阳 said...

ok. i will try live writer, thanks ya :)

YihYoung 毅阳 said...
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lala said...

i just started using Chrome..
feel quite good.

mk said...

lala, have fun. it is quite nice to use, but just somehow it doesn't work with blospot well I feel *chuckle*