Sunday, May 30, 2010

World Vision Photography Exhibition May 27 - 30 @ Queensbay Mall, Penang.

What do you see this world from your eyes?
What does a child see this world from their eyes?
What does a child sponsor see the child's world from sponsor's eye?

Don't know the answer? If you still have sometime today, and happen to read this, pay a visit to World Vision Photography Exhibition at Queensbay Mall North Zone ground floor. This event occurs from May 27 - 30.

After my last participation in One Life Revolution exhibition in Gurney drive, I decided to participate in volunteer job on May 29, although I have to leave before 4pm to rush for a wedding dinner after off duty and missed Lee XinJie sharing session started at 4pm :|

Learn from past One Life Revolution exhibition, I brought some of my sponsor kids annual progress report as well. Those are extremely useful to share my experience and to show to other people. I was there at 9.50am, a lot of shopkeeper came in to prepare for their shop. Since World Vision officer and other volunteer had not reach, I took this chance to experience the exhibition, to get some idea so hopefully I can explain better to other visitor later.

A lot of photographs taken by child sponsors e.g. Daniel Lee, Lee XinJie, Royce, Deborah, Roshnan and others inside/outside the exhibition tunnel.

For most photo, there will be some feeling sharing by the sponsor under the particular picture. It is meaningful to spend sometime to read and feel it.
Personally, I like photo taken by Daniel Lee, if those with his name were taken by him.

If you missed the exhibition (Please don't blame me for posting so late, I was just... busy...), some photo to share with you :) Oh worth to mention, the whole tunnel was build by recyclable box paper, which some visitor feedback to me the idea is good, recycle and not wasting any resources. (Hopefully those are really used box :p )

From most of the kid picture I saw, they smile, with a sincere and innocent heart. They live their life no matter how hard it is, lack of clean water, no school, no proper home (some live in hut). A lot of parents took this opportunity to educate their children. Some newly sign up sponsor asked if they can bring their kid to join World Vision trip visiting the children, to let their kid experience life where materials were short.

I am so glad that we managed to sign up few child sponsor. (PY I am glad to see you again after so many years!) For the people who 'automatically' stop by to the exhibition, they mostly heard about World Vision, and usually already has the desire to sponsor a child, so they will sign up after seek for some clarification. There were some totally new to World Vision child sponsorship program will sign up too, but a lot of the time, they wish to learn more, which I feel is good enough to create awareness. There are a lot of kind heart around. Some sponsor two children when they first sign up.

When I was in US 7 years ago, I got to know more about World Vision. After I went back to Malaysia, I decided to sponsor a kid after a colleague shared his experience with me. At first, I cut my entertainment fee, you know, less karaoke, less movie, less luxury lunch out (not totally out of entertainment, just starting with less) and there I have RM 50 for a kid education and better life. Later, I signed up another one in One Life Revolution exhibition, I think I can afford that easily, as I seldom buy new clothes. Now, I diversify my focus using other channel as well e.g. Tze Chu, Mercy, WWF , SinChew child sponsor program and etc. There are so many channels to help, if you are willing to :) I will not drop my World Vision child sponsorship if possible, because I believe education is important for children :) They are the stars of tomorrow.

In the general donation box, there were some Singapore dollar notes as well! SN, some Singaporean visitor asked me if there is similar event in Singapore, I shared your 30 hours famine camp of which Ah Mei was there :D Thanks to the kind gentlemen who signed up on the spot although he is new to this program. Thanks to the rest of who has a heart of gold :)

What can you do with RM 50? It might not be sufficient to buy a pair of sport shoes or jeans. But RM 50, it can help giving a brighter future to a kid. Well, if you wish to help Malaysia kids, let me know and I will share other program with you.

To sign up for World Vision child sponsorship program, log onto and look for link Sponsor A Child.

World Vision Malaysia is on facebook too. Visit

What do you see this world from your eyes?
What does a child see this world from their eyes?


**Shih Nyien** said...

Hopefully the SGD not causing any trouble to you all :p Frankly speaking I don't see WV Spore got such activities, seems like they are not as active, not sure is it becoz there are laws in spore that control the activity or foreign NGO, just like spore cannot held a famine 30hrs event for the public. How to help Msian kids? let me know :)

mk said...

Since it is by credit card, SGD shouldn't be a problem :)
Ic, there are lots of interesting expo in Spore to rich living in spore ;D

mk said...

Oops, forgot to mention, WWF malaysia has an activity of sponsor a kid by monthly RM 38 donation. Unfortunately I cannot find any information on their website. I subscribe to those through their roadshow.