Friday, May 28, 2010

Yummy Crepe Cake!

During a gathering few months back, CK brought us a crepe cake. It was peach flavour crepe cake. Crepe cake?! Oh yes, my first time tasted crepe cake :) Some people think the cream is a bit greasy. I am fine with it and can eat few slices :D

Looks like a flower :)

Look at the layers of crepe cake, *drooling*

Thanks to SP, I got the opportunity to see the making of this crepe cake! I am happy that Shirlyn the cake seller allow us to share some of it.

Crepe cake requires no baking but cooling in the fridge. This is one of the reason it requires pre-booking. She recommend 3 days pre-booking, or, at least a day :)

Shirlyn previously operated a small cake shop at Prangin mall. Due to some reason, the shop was closed. Shirlyn operate Crepe Cake online shop in facebook not too long ago. She love to eat cake, and also making cakes.

After long speech, let's start!

First of all, get ready with the crepe. When we reached Shirlyn place, she has most of it ready, left just a piece or two for us to take picture *chuckle* The crepe is a combination of egg, condensed milk and flour. Pour it onto sauce pan with gentle heat. She mentioned this process take most effort in the making. When she first started to do crepe cake, her hand was scalded few times too. Well, practice make perfect! She will try to make all crepe biscuit in same thickness if possible.

She is demonstrating crepe cake of Oreo flavour. Here are the Oreo, after removing the cream sandwich.

Cake is not just simple of stirring and baking. She has to mash the oreo into fine pieces.

Then stir the oreo into the cream. Cream play an important role in crepe cake. It determined the cake taste. Well, I like it apparently, or else won't be able to eat few slices in once :D You may specify the butter level preferred when place the order, then she will customize accordingly.

Then, put a crepe as base. She like to choose a nicely shaped crepe for that. She felt making a cake is like building a house. A good base is essential :) Then apply cream, put on another crepe, apply cream and repeat this step. Shirlyn shared with us some crepe cake is 20 layers. But for her, she usually doesn't count and put more than twenty layers, so that the cake looks nicer.

While we chit-chatting, our camera never rest, and her hand too.

Although this is first time we met, but it's a small world, she is friend's of SP's friend. Maybe this could be one of the reason that we chat a lot, not just cake, but also some other topic. She also shared her previous experience in operating the shop. Last time she has to throw away all left over food, which she felt is very wasteful. After operating this online business, she is happy that it is more flexible and she has to waste food no more!

Sometimes she use a 'tool' to help her to apply the cream into even thickness, but for today demonstration, she just use bare hand to do that. Again, practice make perfect :D

Furnishing the cake.

An Oreo flavour crepe cake is done in front of my eyes!

Crepe cake is best to be kept in fridge for at least 2 hours, for the cream to be more firmed. Since we are running out of time, the cake was put in fridge for just 30 minutes, thus you may see the cream is still soft and not too firmed. Thanks to Shirlyn for treating us!

The cream is still soft. I like to eat it by cutting top-down, to feel the layer. SP like it in layer by layer, she felt that is more tasty :D How about you?

How does it taste? I can tell you it taste good although the cream is soft. I love the taste. Oh come on, I don't simply say I like it because it is free. You should know me ;p Well, some of my friend felt it is greasy. So it is really up to individual preferences. Although there are many crepe cake recipe online, but Shirlyn believe there will be people who love her cake (Well, I am one of them now ;

Currently on her menu, there are few flavors, Original 原味,Black/white Chocolate Twist黑/白巧克力,Peach Passion 蜜桃,Strawberry 草莓,Twisted Cheese 芝士乳酪,Peanut Butter花生奶油,Cappuccino 卡布吉诺,Blueberry 蓝莓,Rum & Raisin 朗姆酒和葡萄干, Tiramisu 提拉米苏,Oreo 奥利奥 and etc. All at one price RM50.

If you would like to place order, there are few methods below. She can arrange delivery to your house.

Handphone: Shirlyn 012-4305095
Facebook URL:

Last but not least, not forget to mention her lovely cutie dogie named Ke Ai 可爱. The dogie it really is cutie :) The 1.5 years old cutie, which love to sit in front of the fan.


Ong Kok Meng said...

Just a comment, I think you(your friend?) left the cooked crepe open without cover and continue making others. This sometimes will cause the crepe to dry and the 食感 become not nice...

One solution is to wrap it once it is done, to prevent the moisture from evaporated. Then it will preserved the elastic 食感 of the crepe... ;)

mk said...

OKM, I will let her know :)
Have you tasted any crepe cake there? Some of the nice cake here is from Japan...

Adeline said...

can i hv the contact?

mk said...

Hi Adeline, as mentioned in the blog post, here you go :)
Handphone: Shirlyn 012-4305095
Facebook URL:

HY said...

hi, the crepe cake looks delicious !
by the way, may i know how long can it be kept ?

mk said...

Hi HY, I've leave a message to Shirlyn, will let you know once she replied. Of course, don't hesitate to contact her at anytime.

mk said...

Hi HY, here is Shirlyn reply:

i advise the crepe cake can be keep about two to three days due to i din put any preservative ... but if wanna keep for longer time , can frozen it ... :)

HY said...

thanks mk !
i love crepe cakes alot =)