Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Amazing Nibong Tebal trip (2) Largest fish farm

According to the tour guide, Nibong Tebal has the largest fish farm in Northern Malaysia. It is a high return and high risk investment. The single piece of wood that we step on the fish farm might probably cost few tenth RM to more than a hundred. To build a fish farm like picture below, it probably cost RM 500K. However, the return is still good, if one is lucky to loss as less fish as possible. It requires appropriate experience to manage a fish farm. For example, the fish net need to be clean regularly. If not the 'seaweed' will cover the whole net, and the fish found no air to breathe.

If you have nature call in the fish farm, in the middle of the sea, where would you think you can find toilet? Hehe, it is at the left side of picture below. Open air toilet :D

There was around 400 fish farm in the past. Today, there are just around 120. Some of the investor moved their focus in bird nest business. How does it work? Get some empty building for the swallow to build their nest. You may think, then the villager there should be very rich. Well, the tour guide said, one is, if he doesn't fall in love with gambling. Well well, in Chinese idiom, there is one sounds 'One will lose nine game out of ten'.

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