Sunday, October 31, 2010

Amazing Nibong Tebal trip (4) Octopus catching and mud skating

After our dinner, it's time for fun :D Each of us wear the kampung adidas. Oh we'd forgotten to feedback to the tour guide, although we have provide our shoe size to them few days in advance, but unfortunately they seems not prepared and some cannot find kampung adidas for their size, and have to go down with their own slipper.

I have not spend for mud spa, I do not know if those mud in spa center is different from this. But I am sure this is natural and smooth also :D Yay, give me 5, dare you?

The nice sunset stay for around 10-20 min only, then the sun was covered by the cloud.

Look at the cloud, I hope it won't rain. Got to keep my finger crossed.

The 'zhok tan 竹摊' clam. Of course, we put it back to the sea as soon after we take the picture. Clam can be easily seen and catch during low tide.

Finally have to say bye bye to the sun.

Before the tour start, we were advise on below:
1. Do not walk too far. As long as you can still see the boat, then it is safe, or else, find your way back to the boat.
2. Catch just octopus. Do not catch mantis prawn, if one want to, use some tool to catch it. Mantis prawn sting is very strong, it may cut through one people's palm and the cut might take few months to recover.
3. If you see snake, don't be scared. Just stay there, do nothing, the snake will goes away.
4. Wear your shoe tightly, do not wear shoe that is too loose.
5. If there are mud on your clothes, wash it using sea water before you leave.

The tour guide provided each of us head lamp, and a long elastic pant, to reduce mosquito bites. I found out the long pant is useful to keep my own clothes clean from mud.

Unfortunately we catch none octopus. The tour guide said maybe it high tide too fast, an hour earlier than normal day, due to the full moon gravity. Maybe the rain is about to come, so the octopus stay home. But it was a special experience to walk on the mud. One can sink very easily, so we have to keep walking, do not stand still. Another few tips:
1. If you get stuck, sit down, pull out your leg, rest for a while, then only start walk again. If you try to pull yourself out while you are still standing, it is very hard to.
2. When you step your foot on the mud, try to keep your feet flat. I figured a friend whose heel touch the mud first will sink into the mud easier.Keep your feet flat, for gravity point and you won't get stuck so easily.
3. Don't step on others foot print, those are softer and you will get stuck easier.
4. If you find it hard to pull out the shoe, just leave it inside the mud. While walking bare foot back to the boat, watch out for the creatures on the mud.

I cannot remember how long I surf on the mud. After I got back to the boat, notice the moon was so nice. Unfortunately there is no tripod, nor suitable place to mount the camera for nicer moon light picture.

Some catches.Can you see the crab inside the shell?

Mantis prawn.

Big cockles.

Big crab.

The boat head lamp, bring us back to the jetty. (Hey, engineers, this is innovative and cheapest cost design isn't it :p )

On our way back, it was quiet, only the boat engine sound. It was dark, only the starry night. It was dark, only the sparkling firefly.

We managed to see some firefly, the tour guide said the best time to see firely is around 8pm. Well, we definitely cannot catch that time slot due to octopus activity. Anyway, I am satisfied, the sparkling christmas tree is still in my head now, with the sparkling starry night :D

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