Friday, October 29, 2010

Amazing Nibong Tebal trip (3) Picnic in the middle of the sea

After we left the fish farm, we reach the place for octopus catching around 6pm. Yes, catch octopus, this is the main factor I joined this trip. I do not intend to catch some and cook them (Amitabha, Amen, whatever your religious is :p) , I was just hoping to experience how to catch octopus *chuckle*

We have to reach the spot before the low tide, or else the gentlemen will have to push the boat to reach the destination :p We will then have to wait until the water is almost gone, walk on the mud to look for octopus. Before high tide, we have to get back to the boat. When the water level is high enough, then only we can start the boat engine to leave the place. More on octopus catching in next post :)

Firstly, the tour guide put an anchor to fix the boat location. The water level was around knee level at this time.

While waiting for the low tide, we took our dinner. There were white rice, curry chicken, stir fried mantis prawn, broccoli + cauliflower, and chicken.

Here we are, enjoy our dinner in the middle of the sea. My very first time to picnic in the middle of the sea. And, more enjoyably, I have plenty of time for dinner, to wait for low tide, hohoho.


sim said...

Help!!!! No face people.........

mk said...

haha nicer than your twilight right :p