Monday, October 18, 2010

Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen, Gurney Plaza, Penang 炫升拉面小厨

Back in July, my friend and I went to Gurney Plaza. We wish to get something new in the extended wing. Unfortunately most of them can be found in KL, thus we finally went to old wing Xuan Xin Ramen Kitchen. In general, I feel the food is okay.

Upper right corner is Ramen with Stewed Pork Ball 狮子头拉面 @ RM 12.80. My friend don't quite like the oily pork ball. The bottom left is Ramen with mushroom, preserved vegetable and beancurd sheet 雪菜豆根双菇拉面 @ RM 10.80.Bottom right is the Honey Dew Sago 蜜瓜西米露 @ RM 4.50. I preferred my own cooked dessert better :p

I am ordering the Ramen value set, comprises of Shanghai steamed minced pork dumpling 南翔小笼包2粒, plus any Ramen of choice in the menu (I choosen Ramen with SzeChuan soup 酸辣汤拉面), plus a cup of Xuan Xin Special mocktail 炫升特调饮品, @ RM 14.80 in total. The chinese tea is at RM 0.60 per cup. I am a bit disappointed that all mocktail are not from fresh fruit. Anyway, that is unavoidable.

XuanXin Ramen Kitchen
Address: 170-B1-08 Gurney Plaza, 12500 Penang
Telephone: 04-2272227

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