Thursday, February 24, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 5 Story 1) Bunjil Shelter, Australia

In the morning, after we check out from Tim's Place, it's time to travel back to Melbourne. We have to return our car by 5pm.

Visitor center officer recommended us few places to visit on our way back. We'd chosen Bunjil Shelter. Why? We have no interest on vineyard, nor Sovereign Hill, nor Chinese Museum.

Bunjil Shelter is not too far from Halls Gap. At Stawell, there are sign board on directions. There is a car park at Rocky Hills, just around 100m we reached Bunjil Shelter. However, we were both a bit hesitate because we are the only car at the car park. We think it should be safe to continue the visit. Follow the path and it will lead you there.

There are a lot of rocks, and it was very windy.

A hungry rock open its mouth? Just kidding :)

From one of the information board
Bunjil created the land and the water, the plants and animals, the laws and the religion of the Koori people.
What is Bunjil shelter?
This is the only rockart painting of Bunjil known. It is widely regarded as one of the most significant cultural sites in south eastern Australia.
We didn't see any rockart and didn't search for in specific. The wind was too strong, and we were a bit worried to meet some wild life that we cannot manage.

Grampians National Park view from here.

The tiny flower at such a windy rocky hill.

It's time to continue our journey!

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