Saturday, February 26, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 5 Story 2) Ararat Hills Park

When we passed by Ararat on the way back to Melbourne, there is a signboard showing scenery lookout, we follow the signboard and reached Ararat Hill Park after around 10 min from Western Hwy.

Can you see a straight divider line under word blogspot? No photoshop, it is original picture.

Beside us, there is another lady drive up here and have her lunch here.

Then, we move on. I can't remember where, probably is somewhere near Ballarat, we saw another scenery lookout sign with windmill. So we turn into the country road, off the highway. It is a long road parallel with Western Hwy, more than 10km if I was not mistaken. Of course, we got to see the wind farm.

We were on Western Hwy again. Hold your steering tight, at some of the part the wind was very strong, where we can only drive at 90kmh to keep our Toyota Yarris steady and stable.

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