Friday, March 4, 2011

Tasmania trip (Day 1 Story 1) Fly To Tasmania

On the night before we fly to Tasmania, we refer to Greenhouse Backpacker on the airport transportation. She is very kind to help us to reserve seats for airport pick up shuttle. We wait at Hyatt hotel to Southern Cross Station, then take Skybus to airport. We did not take taxi because it was around 6am in the morning, taxi fee will be expensive :p We purchased round trip bus ticket at AUD 26 per person.

In front of Hyatt hotel in the early morning. It is less than 5min walk from Greenhouse Backpacker.

We took Jetstar airline. We were lucky to get Jetstar promotion where we purchased Jetstar air ticket at no cost. If not mistaken, it cost more than AUD 200 per person. Tasmania view before landing. Look at the green.

Visitors are not allowed to bring fresh food to Tasmania, even fruits. We had to throw away the banana and fruits into the quarantine bin.

If you have quarantine items with you, don't think of hiding it somewhere, a doggie will know.

The doggie bark at my backpack, because it has some smell of the banana I'd just thrown.

There are a lot of vineyard here in Tasmania, you can see it once step out from the airport :)

We took shuttle bus to Launceston Backpacker. It is AUD 14 per person, for single trip, AUD 24 for return trip. Taxi may cost AUD 32-35.

It took around 15-20min to reach Launceston backpacker. Tell you more on Launceston Backpacker in next post.

This is my day 6 for Melbourne Australia trip. But since this is first day to Tasmania, I've reset the post title...

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