Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tasmania trip (Day 1 Story 4) Hallam's Waterfront Restaurant, Launceston

With the recommendations of tourist information center, we went to Hallam's Waterfront restaurant for seafood lunch. It is located at esplanade. We walked there from Cornwall Square Transit Center, around 5-10 minutes walk.

The one below provide cheaper seafood. Although it is also called Hallam's, I didn't find out if it is the same with the one I went in the second picture.

A view inside the restaurant.

Hot & Cold Seafood Platters @ AUD 45.

Scallops, asparagus, leek & wild fish pie with traditional puff pastry & a delicate creamy filling, served with a crisp green salad @ AUD 25.

The freshly farmed Tasmanian scallop.

Surprised to see fresh scallop in a Malaysia style yellow curry. But we didn't order, we want Tassie taste food :)
How is the lunch? The seafood is very fresh :)


tailow said...

ms chang, just wonder how u book n locate this backpacker motel... can show us how?? just thru internet??

mk said...

Hi tailow, I found it from google. Then I see this backpacker from tasmania tourism website too, so i booked it coz it is near to Budget car rental. If you wish to stay in town, you may consider other backpacker house also :)
Yup, my sister booked it via their website.

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