Saturday, March 12, 2011

Tasmania trip (Day 1 Story 5) Cataract Gorge Reserve, Launceston

After lunch, we walked to Cataract Gorge Reserve. There were showering rain, we have umbrella to continue our journey :D It is around 10 min walk from Hallams, if I remembered correctly.

I do not know how to describe Cataract Gorge Reserve. It doesn't looks like in the picture nor brochure, but it will attract one eye in real. It gave me a very strong feel, a very strong connection with nature. Is it because of the cliff split opened by massive earthquake? I do not know and it doesn't matter :)

The entrance is FOC. There are some regular jogger.

Wild life live peacefully with human.

We took Cataract Walk, then First Basin Loop, Zig Zag Track back to the origin. For someone who hike, Zig Zag track is easy.


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I can't imagine the scenic place in Tasmania. I have never been to Tasmania, but I will find time to have a vacation in there. Those were really fascinating pictures. I usually take pictures using my iPhone and no doubt it has an amazing outcome.

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this is such a very nice place that could be in. Well as a matter of fact having this kind of place really is like a paradise.

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Nature hide it's beauty, Up to this era there's still a beauty that is preserved. Hope humanity should preserve this unique beauty for the next generation.

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I really was amazed on the beauty of the nature. I keep on saying "wow". Well, I am sure that many are also impressed on the beauty of that place.