Saturday, May 30, 2009

2009-05-30 Lufthansa outlet and nice dinner!

We went to the above mentioned outlet. It's a 3 building outlet with branded shop e.g. Cerutti 1881, Polo, Timberland, Nike, Adidas, Puma and etc.

Building A is mainly for woman goodies e.g. shoe, watch and handbag. The watch here is much more expensive than those in Malaysia. For example, a common casio digital watch will cost around RM 100, here it cost RMB445. The same for other watches brand e.g. Guess. The sunglasses is much more expensive too.

Building C consists of mainly formal wear e.g. Cerutti 1881, Hugo Boss, Polo Ralph Lauren and etc. Well, those are usually expensive and we are not really in favor of those brand, we do not need those yet :)

Building B attracted our eyes, the sport center. It gave me some feeling of US factory outlet store, because the shoe layout are similar to those of US factory outlet store. The shoe price are cheap! A woman nike max shoe is RMB 450 - 500. I am not really sure what is the actual price selling in Malaysia, but I feel it is cheaper here. Luckily the shoe I like doesn't has my size, or else I will have to kill some brain cell to decide if to buy the shoe which can support my World Vision child 5 months expenses haha :) The point is, my current shoe is still working fine and I don't really need it yet. I got my New Balance shoe at Malaysia about RM 230, here the selling price is RMB 325, much cheaper :)

Finally I bought myself a scarf, my favorites :) This is probably the only thing I will buy here besides books :D

As for lunch, we took hot pot, with normal soup base. We are not really into the Ma Lak spicy soup base :p

Each individual will has its own hot pot. The sauce is sesame sauce, which taste a bit like peanut butter.

We stay for around 4 hours plus only, then depart home. It's hot today, and strong wind. I almost get blew away :p

As for dinner, we dine at local store called 小洞天

From top left, clockwise:
1) 疙瘩汤 A soup, I don't know its english name. Hmm, ok lar :)
2) Five spice powder chicken wing - quite tasty :D
3) Fried kang kong, it's called 空心菜 here. Taste normal, like those in Malaysia.
4) Fried corn with pea. They added sugar, if not it will taste very nice with the fresh sweet corn.
5) Grill mushroom. I don't really enjoy the spicy sauce :p IV said almost all sauce they used for BBQ here taste like that.

And the most interesting dishes are:

Grill oyster and grill scallop! It's only RMB 6 per piece. It is nice and we definitely will go back again :D


pei meng said...

RMB 6 per dish or per piece? If per piece, then so expensive!

mk said...

RMB 6 per piece, oh it is expensive ah? Haha. I tot it is considered cheap :p What is the price in Malaysia?