Friday, July 15, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 6 Story 1) Back to Melbourne

After returning from Tasmania, we check-in to Green Backpacker house again in the late night. In next day morning, we walked to Federation Square visitor information center, to plan our itinerary before return home two days later.

We have not plan very detail for this trip. We have just high level plan for accommodation and car rental. You know, planning can never cope with changes. 计划永远赶不上变化. I enjoy relax and flexible travel style more. After we step out from Federation Square, while waiting for the shuttle, it started to rain.

It was so cold and the wind was strong. So plan changed, we will walked to DFO for shopping, until if the weather become better.

Ah, some of St Paul's Cathedral snapshot. It is just opposite of Federation Square.

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