Thursday, July 21, 2011

Melbourne trip (Day 7 Story 2) Brunetti, Melbourne

It was quite late when we reach Brunetti at Lygon St. However, the shop is still full of customers. Finally we manage to find a table.

Shawn and Ivan, if you are reading this, you know I will always say Yes to Tiramisu ;) Oh yes, first thing first, it is tiramisu at AUD 6+.

Next is Opera at AUD 6+.

I guess I cannot take opera in the future, it is too sweet for me now.

A cup of coffee at AUD 3.80. I remembered I mentioned somewhere in this trip blog, coffee in Australia is so nice! For me as a black coffee lover, the aroma is enjoyable.

Pizza at AUD 7.90 come with salad.

It was a good lunch! We were too full, no empty spaces in stomach to try the gelato. We thought to have it later near Brunetti City Square at Flinders Lane. Unfortunately they do not serve gelato, or maybe it was out of stock. It is a very small outlet. Well then, some other food for dinner.

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