Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tasmania trip (Day 2 Story 4) Fish Frenzy, Burnie

After left Table Cape Tulip Farm, we drove to Burnie for dinner. It is around 5-10min drive from the backpacker house we stay.

The restaurant.

Oops, watch out for train before running for food ;)

Tasmania is famous with seafood. Look at the oyster. Half dozen of tempura battered oysters with soy and wasabi, and half dozen of beer battered oysters with onion jam, each at AUD 15.

The Fish Frenzy fish and chip, with two pieces of crumbled fish, scallops, calamari and chips.

We do not like the fried oyster, then we order half dozen of fresh oyster. Oh, I love it! The freshness with some sea water taste, I hope I can record the taste!

I took a cup of mocha here. The coffee is nice too. All coffee I tasted here are very nice! I do not take coffee daily.I still remember CK face expression when she shared how she love the coffee here, and I believe I have the similar one as well :)


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yeah, i really love the oyster!